Elegant nude photography. This image is 'Nymphaeum' by the 19th-century French Academic painter William Bouguereau.
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Photo: Claire C from abbywinters.com
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Photo: Pool Girls from abbywinters.com

Nude photography blog: best naked photo galleries

The Beachcomber's Blog XII: Thoughts on Nudes
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A search for new nude talent
    Prospective anchor women do on-camera auditions, introduce themselves on Naked News

Guest anchor Laura tries out, does interview for job at Naked News

    One of the many enjoyable features on Naked News is an extensive archive of auditions. To determine which of the many wanna-be news anchors has what it takes to deliver a news report while entirely naked on camera, and to maintain poise, professionalism and a sense of humor, Naked News gives them live try-outs.
    This is an example of one of many of these audition segments that the site's subscribers can browse at their leisure. It's a good typical example of what these sessions are like.
    In this example, a tall curvy brunette named Laura stands in front of the camera, her entire body visible, as she reads a feature story off the Teleprompter. At the end of this short segment, just over a minute, she performs the signature Naked News exit, turning and walking off the set, to give viewers a good look at what she's like going as well as coming.
    Then Laura returns for an on-camera question-and-answer session, intended to determine if she has what it takes to become one of the next Naked News anchors. When you have a chance to browse through these, you'll see a wide range of ability. Some of these ambitious women are clearly comfortable being in the nude and on camera; others may not have the smoothest delivery, or otherwise lack the poise needed for the job. But every so often you'll come across the very first appearance of someone who ended up as a part of the Naked News anchor team.
    Most of these auditions are accessible only to subscribers. But this is one of a handful that have been shared, as "teaser" promo content, through Pornhub. If you like this, and want to see more, then of course I can't encourage you strongly enough to go to the Naked News site tour and check out the very attractive subscription options.

Posted Oct. 30, 2017

Tell me what you think. Go to feedback form.           GO to Naked News.           GO to Pornhub.


Some long, lean beauties
    It's no stretch: why it's worth rising to the occasion with these three spectacular tall models

  Tall, blonde, mature and tan-lined Layla Wolf
Tall, blonde, mature and tan-lined Layla Wolf

  Met-Art's Suzanna A in dozens of photosets
Met-Art's Suzanna A in dozens of photosets

  Revisiting All Over 30's tall LA Valkenberg
Revisiting All Over 30's tall LA Valkenberg

    As a taller-than-average person myself, I have a particular fascination with tall women. Today I'd like to take a closer look at several long, lean models who have become some of my favorites. Two of them, one a current star and one in the "blast from the past" category, come to us courtesy of All Over 30. That site's photographers, some based in the United States and some in Europe, have a great knack for proving that age and beauty can go together, often in stunningly sexy form. The third of these long, lovely ladies is a perennial performer for Met-Art, where she's appeared more than 40 times in the last few years.
    The relative newcomer in this lofty trio is Layla Wolf. Originally from New England, she now poses for the Texas-based photographer Toby. According to her model bio on All Over 30, Layla is 51 years old and stands a full six feet high! Now one of the reasons I like tall women is that it's easy to kiss one without bending my neck while my penis is occupied in her vagina. But for anyone who's shorter than she is, take note that she likes having her nipples sucked. So you can happily keep yourself busy that way while fucking! And, of course, Layla says the best way to make her come is "Orally taking the time to find the right spot."
    For those whose tastes run to younger women, let me call your attention to Suzanna A. In her many photo shoots for Met-Art, she's alternated between posing smoothly shaved and sporting a big nest of curly pubes. Either way, she is super sexy, all the way to the top. Suzanna is also a regular at FEMJOY, where she goes by the name Susi R.
    Back to All Over 30, let me conclude with the delicious LA Valkenberg. She hasn't done any new work for more than three years, but she's definitely worth another look. She was 50 when she debuted in 2013, and stands 5 foot 8 inches. Her galleries were photographed by the California female photographers who do business as Paris Photography. She favors a pubic shave, but not a total one, leaving a tickling fringe of hair right around her clitoris and labia. She says the quickest way to give her an orgasm is to "Look at me." I interpret this to mean eye contact during sex is a good idea -- and one of the reasons fucking a tall woman is so pleasant for a tall man.

Posted Oct. 28, 2017

Tell me what you think. Go to feedback form.           Go to index of Layla Wolf's photo galleries.           Go to index of Suzanna A's photo galleries.
Go to index of LA Valkenberg's photo galleries.


Go interactive with live webcams
    Sex performers strip, chat, show off naked bodies at spectators' direction on IM Live

  IM Live puts attractive women on camera for viewers' individual entertainment.

    One of the most brilliant aspects of the Internet is the possibilities it has opened up for live, interactive communication via webcam services. Video streaming gives people anywhere in the world the chance to talk face to face, and to exercise their sexual fantasies with friends or strangers, as they prefer.
    Among the best offerings in the live-sex webcam segment are services from several of the sites I have affiliate relationships with. If you're a fan of the classy porn offered by Met-Art, for example, you're likely to enjoy that outstanding site's MetCams service. Specializing in mature women, All Over 30 has recently inaugurated its own live sex-show service, unsurprisingly called All Over 30 Cams. And for fans of its delicious naked-amateurs niche, don't overlook the "Playdates" service, which features models from abbywinters.com.
    Maybe one of the best of these services, though, is one that's entirely focused on putting live women in front of cameras and keyboards, and putting viewers in the director's chair. I'm referring to IM Live, which offers some live streaming "teaser" samples in the banner ad here. These segments tease, of course, because they give you sneak peaks at their performers as they first go on camera, more or less dressed, in public chats. They do quickly strip down to show off their bodies, masturbate, and bandy sex talk back and forth with the site's members. Optional private chats, of course, give full rein to pretty much any fantasy a customer is willing to specify.

Posted Oct. 26, 2017

Tell me what you think. Go to feedback form.           GO to IM Live.           Go to reviews of live sex chat services.           Go to review of MetCams from Met-Art.
Go to review of PlayDates from abbywinters.com.           Go to review of AllOver30Cams.


No-hands performance by favorite parts
    See if you get a rise out of these companion videos: spontaneous clitoris and penis erections

This huge clitoris gets hard and rises, hands-free.

A modest, soft penis does what it's designed to do.

    When you focus your attention and affection on the nude human figure, you have to decide what you think about the sex organs. Too many nudes, of course, hedge the question, sometimes literally, hiding the "naughty bits" behind bits of shrubbery or the proverbial fig leaf. But whether the context is art, or naturism/nudism, or straightforward pornography, these days we're far less shy about seeing a naked vulva or penis.
    Where this topic gets close to the edge, of course, is when it comes to using those organs for their intended purpose, and/or watching them respond to stimuli as nature intended.
    So today I'm happy to offer this slightly provodative pair of videos, courtesy of Pornhub. Each one shows the naughtiest, the most fun, of the naughty bits, as the miracle of erectile tissue does its thing. The clitoris on the left, to be sure, is somewhat exceptional, near the very highest end of the normal range, almost like the miniature

  penis that, in biological terms at least, it absolutely is. The effect is subtle but worth waiting for.
    On the right is the male equivalent, which of course is something like raising the flag in salute for the things that get the male animal aroused. To all the men reading this: If your penis rises spontaneously, no-hands, at the sight of an attractive and/or willing woman, then you have come to the right place. Please stick around, find images or films that turn you on, and take matters in your own hands.
    If you'd like to play them simultaneously, by the way, I recommend starting the penis video first, then the clitoris, so they'll both finish at about the same time. That's what we should all aspire to, right?

Posted Oct. 24, 2017

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Go to index of photo galleries with a penis as a prop.


Dance lesson for Naked News anchors
    Learn how to perform Ukrainian folk dance with nude network's on-air talent

Dance demonstration with two anchors is typical feature on this all-nude news channel

    With the news media in seemingly constant turmoil, it's refreshing to be able to find an oasis of sanity, intelligence and beauty on the airwaves. And that, to me, perfectly describes Naked News. If you haven't already discovered it, you should. This is a genuine, serious news broadcast, fresh each day, that addresses serious national and world news, as well as business, sports, culture and entertainment. The gimmick? Oh, but what a gimmick! The gimmick is that the news is presented by attractive female anchors, all of whom deliver their reports completely naked.
    This video is one of the features that Naked News presents from time to time, in this case putting two of their anchors in a dance studio with a beautiful big-breasted instructor -- all of them fully nude, of course -- to learn how to do a traditional dance. This particular lesson is about the Hopak, a Ukrainian folk step. Others I've seen address Irish step dancing, a la "Riverdance."
    Anchor Eila Adams introduces the segment, which stars her colleagues Carli Bei and Isabella Rossini, instructed by Hanna.
    If you enjoy watching attractive women dancing nude (and if you don't, what are you doing here?) you should find this appealing, as I certainly do. Most Naked News content is pretty carefully protected behind the site's paywall, for obvious reasons. But these clips, clearly intended to whet the appetites of prosepctive subscribers, are available in good resolution from Pornhub.

Posted Oct. 22, 2017

Tell me what you think. Go to feedback form.           GO to Naked News.           GO to Pornhub.           Go to photos of Eila Adams.           Go to photos of Carli Bei.
Go to photos of Isabella Rossini.


Appreciating Abby's amateur Lesbians
    These friendly young women bring new excitement to 'Party Naked' at abbywinters.com

  Mara and Yasmeena party for abbywinters.com
Mara and Yasmeena party for abbywinters.com

  You're invited to Lucie and Paulina's naked pussy party
You're invited to Lucie and Paulina's pussy party

  Emilia and Landra, an erotic study in contrasts
Emilia and Landra, an erotic study in contrasts

    Among my favorite websites is the delightful abbywinters.com, which features non-professional women enjoying nudity and blatantly sexual amusements, often in pairs. So today I want to highlight some of those pairs that Abby and her gals have served up recently.
    One very nice set from just the other week matches up tall, slender Mara with short cutie Yasmeena and her glasses. It's always fascinating to me to see, as in this nice gal-pal-party gallery, a contrast of slick, shaved pussy with natural and hairy. Yasmeena, of course, is the hairy one. But as you'll see from the set, both of them know what they like, and they like each other, and the possibilities of naked pussy.
    Next up are Lucie L and Paulina. Unlike some of Abby's pairings, these two are both pretty tall -- tall enough to look each other in the eye and comfortably kiss while they're grinding their genitals together. As they do in this set.
    Something I really love to do when browsing through these Lesbian features from abbywinters.com is to play "model roulette." That's simple: Start with a model, any model. Look at all her photosets. Then pick one of the other models she's worked with -- or, to be complete about it, played with. Look at all HER galleries. And so on. A recent game of this kind brought me to one other nice set, from a little while back. It features Emilia, a dark, hairy-pussy gal in glasses, playing with blonde, shaved Landra. Landra, you'll be happy to note, has just now appeared in a brand new set with another girlfriend. I won't tell who that is, though: The fun is partly in the search!
    One more thing: In all of these two-woman galleries, the models get into very serious, explicit Lesbian sex. Fingers find vaginas and clits; tongues lap wide-open pussies; dildos and vibrators do their jobs, and labia are ground together in that pleasant practice called tribadism. But, unfortunately, I'm not able to show all that in the excerpts posted here. For the hard-core, nitty-gritty reality of how these women have sex, you'll need to go to the source, abbywinters.com.

Posted Oct. 20, 2017

Tell me what you think. Go to feedback form.           GO to abbywinters.com.           Go to index of Mara's galleries.           Go to index of Yasmeena's galleries.
Go to index of Lucie L's galleries.           Go to index of Paulina's galleries.           Go to index of Emilia's galleries.           Go to index of Landra's galleries.          


Appreciating the nudist lifestyle
    Young women enjoy fresh air, games and of course no clothing at casual summer party

Naturist young women frolic naked in backyard celebration

    I've commented before on the Eastern-European naturist scene as documented by the Naturist Freedom folks. A few of their videos are available as a sampler on Pornhub. Today I'd like to showcase one of these, which I think is a great example of the charm of uninhibited young ladies playing nude.
    Not speaking Russian, I can't tell exactly what the game is, but I suspect it's one of those things where a note or label gets stuck on one's (bare) back, and everybody but you knows what the joke is. More sophisticated, I hope, than those "kick me" signs that some of us endured in our youth.
    It's just a short vignette, so you can't draw many other conclusions from it than this: It's fun to party naked! And this crowd of girls is a great example for the rest of us.
    And check this out: In the background, only partially visible, a naked woman is busy painting the house! Just goes to show that nudity is compatible with both fun and work.

Posted Oct. 18, 2017

Tell me what you think. Go to feedback form.           GO to Pornhub.


A new trio of mature redheads
    All Over 30 brings us three fiery-haired beauties, Courtney, Harley, Kimberlee

  Redhead Courtney Haze sports pubic stubble
Redhead Courtney Haze sports pubic stubble

  Mature Harley Quinn prefers a smooth pussy
Mature Harley Quinn prefers a smooth pussy

  Kimberlee Cline: red above, fuzzy below
Kimberlee Cline: red above, fuzzy below

    Just in the past week, the creative and randy folks at All Over 30 have brought us five new photosets featuring red-haired talent. These five showcase three models, all fairly new and all worth a closer look.
    First is Courtney Haze, a 35-year-old Englishwoman, who debuted in September. She's one of the models in the stable of regular contributor WT Studios. She's pretty and uninhibited, but seems to have a bit of trouble deciding on a good look for how to groom her lady parts. Seems like she can't quite get the smooth-shaved thing down, or maybe she's just letting the pubes grow out a bit. For me, I think, unless a woman can grow a fairly uniform crop of hair "down there" she's best either to keep it all slick, all the time, or grow out fully natural. But that's a quibble, because whether sporting stubble or anything else, she's a charmer.
    The second of these red-haired beauties from All Over 30 is Harley Quinn. This 44-year-old Florida native first appeared just a few weeks ago but she's already starred in four shoots, in each of which she appeares clean-shaven. I'm going to guess that, whether she's a natural redhead or not, what we're seeing up top is an example of "Better Living Through Chemistry." Harley has a submissive streak and likes being tied up, spanked and tormented with her vibrating wand. "Submitting to someone else's desires," she says in her model bio, is "Yummy!"
    Finally, Kimberlee Cline, a 37-year-old newcomer from California, seems likely to be another example of the hairdresser's art, what with her distinctly brunette pubes. But no matter. She says she's a daily masturbator, loves being fucked from behind, and dreams of being the star of a gang-bang.

Posted Oct. 16, 2017

Tell me what you think. Go to feedback form.           Go to index of red-haired models.           Go to index of Courtney Haze's galleries.           Go to Harley Quinn's photosets.
Go to index of all Kimberlee Cline's galleries.


When east meets west, it's the best
    Uninhibited Asian beauties get naked and spread their lovely legs for us

  Chanel Lee is new talent from All Over 30
Chanel Lee is new talent from All Over 30

  Met-Art presents petite Anna Aki
Met-Art presents petite Anna Aki

  Buxom Trisha: A mature greatest hit
Buxom Trisha: A mature greatest hit

    Today I'm thinking about women of East Asian ancestry, inspired by a new model brought to us by All Over 30. Her name is Chanel Lee, and she just made her debut. She's from the Philippines, according to her bio, and is 33 years old. She enjoys European travel, hiking, biking, volleyball, masturbation with toys, and being fucked doggy style.
    I got to browsing through my archives and found another very appealing Asian model who's done a number of recent galleries for Met-Art. I'm deducing from her name, Anna Aki, that she may be Japanese. Petite and slim, she's typically photographed in European settings, like the interior of a Baroque palace. Matiss shoots most of her photosets.
    Maybe it's my bias toward women with a little seasoning, but looking at Chanel Lee got me thinking about another mature Asian beauty from All Over 30, Trisha. It's been a while since we've seen anything new from her, but I always enjoyed seeing the latest set from this lovely big-breasted lady. She was 38 when she first appeared on the site, and described herself as a California native who enjoys visiting Hawaii. She's also an enthusiast for doggy-style sex, but also likes riding a guy, "cowgirl" style. She's not shy about sex with other women, though, and you'll see some very hot sets she's posed for, in which she makes love to Alesia Pleasure and Sovereign Syre.

Posted Oct. 14, 2017

Tell me what you think. Go to feedback form.           Go to index of photo galleries with Asian theme.           Go to index of Chanel Lee's galleries.
Go to Anna Aki's photosets           Go to index of all Trisha's galleries.


Nudist men stand up for their ladies
    Clothes-free recreation leads to blatant display of erections on European nudist beaches

Nudist couples unashamedly sport erections on the beach

  Libertine nudists flaunt erections
    I commented recently on a fascinating blog, from the "Libertine Nudist Couple," which among other things celebrated photos of nudists enjoying open sexuality on clothing-optional beaches. It's fairly well known that this kind of display is outside the norms of what you might call "mainstream" nudism or naturism. The stated ethos at most nudist resorts and nude beaches is that, if your little fireman starts to stand up, you need to lie down and roll over until it subsides.
    But in certain "sex-positive" places, mostly in Europe or Russia, sex on the beach isn't just a cocktail, it's a way of life. This video, which I found unattributed on Pornhub, is a compilation of scenes in which nudist couples get playful, and the male half of the party provides a clear display of arousal.
    Speaking strictly for myself, I find this sort of thing to be a lot of fun, because it's a reminder of plenty of exciting times with My Favorite Naked Woman, and a number of other female friends who have accompanied us to places where it's normal to "party naked."
    Here at My Favorite Nudes, I invite members to rate the nude photosets on a "Peter Meter" scale, with the best galleries warranting the stiffest virtual erections. If you're not already a member, it's easy and free to sign up.

Posted Oct. 12, 2017

Tell me what you think. Go to feedback form.           Go to more videos from PornHub.           GO to Pornhub.           Go to article about Libertine Nudist Couple blog.
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Twerking in a nude group
    Get behind in your porn viewing. Naked beauties' dance routine is a butt-man's delight

Half a dozen naked models twerk in unison in this hot video from Wood Rocket

    One of my very favorite strip-club experiences is something that the best establishments will feature from time to time on those busy nights that they have plenty of dancers working. That's a group performance, putting most or all of their women on stage at once, so the lucky spectator has the dilemma of not know where to look at any given time.
    This video gets something of that vibe, with the twist that it puts the focus on all six naked bottoms. These performers work their cheeks in the move that's become infamous as the "twerk." It's from a site called Wood Rocket, and is presented courtesy of the folks at Pornhub.
    The originating site is something of an all-purpose porn supplier, with no particular theme that I could find. This movie is billed as one of its "specials," but I didn't find anything else that quite matches the vibe this one gives.
    Despite the fact that this video includes only a handful of "full frontal" poses, there's no shortage of pussy. It's just shot from behind, and often from below, enthralling anyone who loves to fuck doggy-style with six vigorous, fast-motion invitations.

Posted Oct. 10, 2017

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Three more sexy redheads
    Met-Art brings us a trio of ginger-haired beauties, Jia Lissa, Kitty Nice and Violla A

  Redhead Jia Lissa makes debut at Met-Art
Redhead Jia Lissa makes debut at Met-Art

  Met-Art presents red-haired Kitty Nice
Met-Art presents red-haired Kitty Nice

  Buxom Violla A sports red tresses at Met-Art
Buxom Violla A sports red tresses at Met-Art

    It's been a month now since I last showcased red-haired models, and it's my duty to do so again. I was inspired by three lovely ladies who turned up in the latest batch of promotional photo galleries from Met-Art.
    First I want to focus on a newcomer, Jia Lissa, who's just making her debut in this delightful bathroom-and-shower photoset shot by the female photographer Flora. I think Jia is exceptionally beautiful, and in the context of the thousands of beauties at Met-Art and its affiliated sites, that's saying something. Beyond feasting your eyes on her gorgeous face, do check out the evidence down below that she's a natural redhead!
    I'm not sure that's true for Kitty Nice, who first appeared at Met-Art earlier this summer. Her neatly trimmed pubes have a brunette look about them, but I'm sure not complaining about whatever brand of hair color she uses on her tresses. She's an open, friendly cutie, who reminds me of the young Lea Thompson, famous for playing Marty McFly's mother in the Back to the Future movies.
    Our final hot redhead is Violla A, who I'm also pretty sure relies on chemical enhancements, given the wide variations in the red shade she sports in her many, many nude photo shoots. You'll find her billed as Violla A on Met-Art of course, but also as Dina P in a huge portfolio of galleries from FEMJOY. By whatever name, she keeps her pussy shaved smooth and slick, so we'll just have to speculate about what her original hair color might be.

Posted Oct. 8, 2017

Tell me what you think. Go to feedback form.           GO to index of Jia Lissa's photo galleries.        GO index of Violla A's photo galleries.
GO index of Kitty Nice's photo galleries.        GO index of all red-haired models.        GO to Met-Art.        GO to FEMJOY


Three extra-hairy beauties
    A trio of exhibitionists spread wild pubes apart to reveal pink

  All Over 30 introduces hairy Olivia Arden
All Over 30 introduces hairy Olivia Arden

  Adelis Shaman is All Over 30's new star
Adelis Shaman is All Over 30's new star

  Ulia is Met-Art's newest hairy star
Ulia is Met-Art's newest hairy star

    It's time for another showcase for hairy pussy. Not all of these models are exactly newcomers, but we've been seeing quite a bit of two of them and hope to see quite a lot more of the third. A few weeks ago, I highlighted three hairy models who just happened to include All Over 30's recent addition, Adelis Shaman. She's done a good number of shoots, now, in front of Foxy Studios' cameras.
    Then there's that other hairy mature beauty, who just debuted with All Over 30., Olivia Arden. This cutie is about as hairy as they come down there, but it doesn't stop her from flaunting what lies beneath. Explore this first-time gallery, shot by Mike. Gaze at what she's showing us: if you love hair, it's there. If you love big, expressive labia minora, those are there too, gorgeously framed. Among the qualities that make this so appealing: She's a tiny thing. So petite and skinny, and that open face and those baby blue eyes. What a honey. I'd party with her in a heartbeat.
    In a change of pace from the mature Adelis and Olivia, we have a younger beauty on display, too. Ulia has been working with Met-Art for awhile, so she's not exactly a newcomer. But she's one of that huge site's most reliable recent hairy-pussy specialists.

Posted Oct. 6, 2017

Tell me what you think. Go to feedback form.           GO to index of Olivia Arden's photo galleries.        GO index of Ulia's photo galleries.
GO index of Adelis Shaman's photo galleries.        GO to All Over 30.        GO to Met Art.


Three hot new mature beauties
    Layla Wolf, Egina and Sasha Jess dazzle from All Over 30

  Layla Wolf, tall tan-lined blonde MILF
Layla Wolf, tall tan-lined blonde MILF

  All Over 30 introduces blue-eyed Egina
All Over 30 introduces blue-eyed Egina

  Shapely blonde Sasha Jess from All Over 30
Shapely blonde Sasha Jess from All Over 30

    I'll admit it: While I dearly love the elegantly photographed erotica I get from all my sponsoring sites, as a guy of a certain age I am naturally drawn most strongly to those great, enticing older woman at All Over 30. Now, granted, to me 30 looks mighty young. But in every case, the benefit of maturity shows in a sexy self-confidence that these models show.
    I've enjoyed seeing three or four new ladies on the site in just the past week or two. I've been smitten with all three, truth be told.
    First up is Layla Wolf. This long, lean 51-year-old blonde sports classic bikini tan lines. But without that bikini, she happily shares a look at her friendly little breasts and impeccably shaved "landing strip" on her pussy. She's six feet tall and on her model biography says the best way to make her come is orally. I'm licking my lips already at the thought. Toby does her photosets.
    Next we enjoy Egina, whose name rhymes with that lovely pink part that she is letting us gaze at. Egina is 36, but doesn't have a bio posted on the host site. Photos are credited to "Mike." So we have only Egina's pictures to go by. I like her chiseled torso and blue eyes. Big, expressive labia, too.
    Finally comes Sasha Jess, photographed by the Moscow-based Foxy Studios. She's a wild one, as you'll see when you get into this luscious blonde's images. I really got off on the "worm's eye view" shots, looking up at her spread-open labia. But equally nice are the shots that catch her standing with a book in hand, legs just apart enough for us to savor that gorgeous smooth camel-toe. I know she's Russian and that she's 32, but like Egina she doesn't have a bio posted.

Posted Oct. 4, 2017

Tell me what you think. Go to feedback form.           GO to index of Layla Wolf's photo galleries.        GO index of Egina's photo galleries.
GO index of Sasha Jess's photo galleries.        GO to All Over 30


X, Y, X: Catching up on three beauties
    Check out Met-Art 'greatest hits' galleries with Xena, Yarina A and Zsanett Tormay

  Shaved blonde cutie Xena poses for Catherine
Shaved blonde cutie Xena poses for Catherine

  Brunette Yarina A is a Met-Art mainstay
Brunette Yarina A is a Met-Art mainstay

  Lovely Zsanett Tormay photographed by Arkisi
Lovely Zsanett Tormay photographed by Arkisi

    One of the downsides of operating this site as a one-man operation is that sometimes I've had to focus on personal business at the expense of keeping up with current postings of new galleries. Several years ago, I took a hiatus during which I didn't update the site. But I did keep archiving great nude photosets as my sponsor sites provided them. Right now, the biggest of these backlots is material from the biggest of the sites, Met-Art
    While this won't ever take precedence over posting new, current material, I am trying to plug away at getting some of that older material processed and available.
    And so today I've posted several dozen "greatest hits" galleries, featuring three of the prettiest, sexiest models from Met-Art: Xena, Yarina A and Zsanette Tormay.
    As it happens, each of this X-Y-Z triumvirate has blue eyes. That starts with the sweet blonde Xena, who works exclusively with the female photographer Catherine; slim beautiful brunette Yarina, who has worked with half of dozen different camera pros; and the skinny lovely Zsanett Tormay, another brunette, who always poses for Arkisi.

Posted Oct. 2, 2017

Tell me what you think. Go to feedback form.           GO to index of Xena's photo galleries.        GO index of Yarina A's photo galleries.
GO index of Zsanett Tormay's photo galleries.        GO to Met-Art


Farewell to Hugh Hefner
    Remembering 'Playboy' founder with a look at hot 'Night Calls' cable TV show

'Night Calls' on Playboy Channel was hybrid of talk show and strip club

    When Hugh Hefner died the other day, at the ripe old age of 90, I knew I had to offer a tribute to this pioneering genius of sexual frankness and artistic, erotic nudity. And what better way than to take a look at a brilliant piece of programming from his own Playboy Channel, the astonishingly hot show Night Calls.
    Sadly, this has long since gone off the air, but remains a classic. I've been happy to discover that a couple of episodes from 2007, the final season, are available for repeated viewing on PornHub.com.
    Night Calls began as a fairly simple phone-in show, in which on-air hosts talked with callers about sexual topics. In its final seasons, it became a far more elaborate production, with a studio audience, modeled on mainstream late-night talk and variety shows. The call-in feature remained, but joined with lots of other features, tied together by the two lovely naked co-hosts, Jessie Jane and Kirsten Price, who not only let viewers ogle their bodies but even indulged in masturbation and other sex play on camera. Meanwhile, in the background, a bevy of professional exotic dancers performed totally nude on poles and stages, so there was almost never a moment that one or more naked women weren't visible on the air.
    I can't think of a better way to honor Hugh Hefner's memory than to enjoy a look back at one of his creations, which I think may be the hottest program every seen on cable TV.

Posted Sept. 30, 2017

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Intense, focused nudity from Japanese site
    G-Queen proudly focuses on pussy, spread wide open and enjoyed in lingering close-ups.

Six naked Japanese beauties take turns slowly spreading their pussies open for our gaze

    In my never-ending quest for filmed and photographed scenarios featuring lots and lots of naked women, I have recently discovered the Japanese video site G-Queen. Many of its films are now available through PornHub.com, and I've embedded some I especially like on my PornHub Videos page. The link below will take you there.
    But right here and now I'd like to showcase an especially elegant piece of film, which distills the essence of erotic exhibitionism. Six naked women, all of their pubic hair shaved away, sprawl calmly on a big leather sofa. They're in no hurry to do anything; they just lie there, naked hip to naked hip, while the camera indulges our slow, steady, unblinking gaze at their pretty bodies.
    Eventually, though, our models get into action. In turn, one of the six becomes the focus for her five friends, who lay on their hands, spread open her legs to allow for close inspection of her pussy, and then spread open the labia themselves. The light, almost teasing caresses they give each other are also endlessly tantalizing. They never get quite into masturbation territory, but flirt around the margins.
    If you like calm, relaxed, leisurely voyeurism, and find the frank "pink" shots right up a vagina to be appealing, then this will reward you.

Posted Sept. 28, 2017

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Pammie Lee shaves her pussy
    Sultry brunette beauty from Met-Art, known for neatly trimmed bush, tries clean look

  Pammie Lee finally poses with slick pussy
Pammie Lee finally poses with slick pussy

  A much earlier photo shoot, clean-shaven
A much earlier photo shoot, clean-shaven

  Pammie Lee's former furry pubic styling
Pammie Lee's former furry pubic styling

    The other day I was pleased to see, among the latest promotional photo galleries from Met-Art, a new set featuring the lovely brunette Pammie Lee. What caught my attention was that, after developing a reputation as a faithfully furry nude, Pammie was making a new fashion statement, sporting a clean-shaved pussy.
    She's always been one of those nude models who favor careful grooming of her pubic hair. Since her first Met-Art appearance five years ago, in August 2012, Pammie Lee has nearly always appeared with carefully trimmed pubes, razored to form a neat, furry frame around her labia. Some of this seems to have depended on the preference of the photographer she's posed for. Most of her sets have been with Nudero, and in these she has this hairy but tamed look. This is also true of her work in front of the cameras of Ron Offlin and Arkisi. Sometimes the look is more close-cut stubble, but always with carefully attended-to pubes.
    This most recent set, however, was shot by Luca Helios, who clearly favors a smooth look for his models. I noticed that in one other previous photoshoot for Luca Helios, from May 2016, Pammie also shows off her pretty privates without fuzz.
    I wonder if in the next little while, she'll grow it out just a bit again, for that fuzzy or stubbly look, when it's time to pose again for one of the more pubic-hair-friendly photographers.
    Pammie Lee, by the way, can also be found showing off her pretty body, with or without hair down there, under the name Lubashka on DOMAI and Goddess Nudes, and Paula T on FEMJOY.

Posted Sept. 26, 2017

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Nude footballers come clean
    Enjoy athletic women's naked soccer game, and leisurely loving shower afterwards

After the game, nude athletes help each other wash
Right, another workout: check out 'Hula-Hooping
Girls' photoset from abbywinters.com

  'Hula-Hooping Girls' photoset from abbywinters.coms

    This delightful film comes to us courtesy of that outstanding source for erotic video, PornHub.com. The movie originated at Club17.com, which put two teams of pretty athletes on the football pitch. Once the game begins, they quickly decide it's more fun to play naked. And after scoring a few goals, they end up in the locker room to take long leisurely showers. Once the water starts running, things get hot. These sports-loving women quickly decide to resume play, this time one on one and indoors.
    I've recently embedded this video on a new page that showcases some of my favorites from PornHub. Theses are mostly about large groups of women in the nude, or of women performing in some spectacular way while naked: on TV, or out in public, for example.
    In a similar theme, here's a link to one of those great group-nudity galleries that abbywinters.com did so frequently back in Abby's Australian days. Here we have a group of naked athletes working out with Hula Hoops. No views of the shower room, but the workout is mighty enjoyable by itself. This one features Aisling, Caitlyn K, Charlotte E, Giselle, Roxy W and Tamra.
    If you like this sort of thing, I've put a couple of links below to help you find other athletic-themed photosets, as well as galleries photographed in locker rooms.

Posted Sept. 24, 2017

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Group hiking in the nude
    Peek in on naked beauties in the woods in Vintage video and abbywinters.com photosets

  Join three carefree naked women in a leisurely hike

  'Hiking Girls' photoset from abbywinters.com
'Hiking Girls' photoset from abbywinters.com

  More hiking with 'Yarra Girls' from abbywinters.com
More hiking with 'Yarra Girls' from abbywinters.com

  'Waterfall Girls' hike home, from abbywinters.com
'Waterfall Girls' hike home, from abbywinters.com

  'Camping Girls' in the wilds, from abbywinters.com
'Camping Girls' in the wilds, from abbywinters.com


This photo, an orphan from some long-forgotten internet gallery, hints at the possibilities for a good all-female wilderness hiking experience. Sadly, I've never been able to find the rest of the photoshoot this came from.

Seven lovely naked hikers
    If you're like me, you may have nurtured a creative erotic fantasy or two, the sort of thing that you'd love to see acted out in photos, videos or both. For me, one of those has been the notion of a group of women hiking naked in the wilderness. My particular version of this would be set in someplace like the desert Southwest. That would give an opportunity to watch from below as the hikers climbed up rocky precipices, and eventually paused for nude sunbathing on a smooth, rocky shelf, ideally alongside a stream or pool of cool water!
    A few years back, I thought I'd found exactly that, when abbywinters.com released "Hiking Girls." That photoset dates back to when Abby was still based in her native Australia, and I saw great potential in an all-nude hike into the Outback. It features Jessica L, Kara D, Katherine F and Veronika W. Alas, that gallery proved to be a disappointment. The "hiking girls" were attractive enough, and covered some spectacular landscape. But they kept their clothes on until almost the very end! And unlike so much of what made abbywinters.com so delicious, hardly any shots showed all the women together even when they did get naked. So I had to rate this a good idea that could have been executed better.
    But then, there has been a very nice alternative out there, originally I'm sure released on VHS videotape, that's turned up in a low-resolution copy on PornHub.com. It has exactly what I'd fantasized about for so long, even down to the opening sequence in which the female hikers promptly strip down when getting out of their car at the trailhead. As they go frolicking and skipping up the trail, encountering a fair number of "textile" hikers on their way, the camera treats us to lots of views from every angle, including some nice "worm's eye view" shots from below. Even in low resolution, it's great fun to admire these three's hairy pussies and attractive butts overhead.
    This video, by the way, is a compilation of five vintage naturist films, probably from the 1990s or earlier. It's one of a dozen or more fun flicks, all featuring loads of appealing nudity, some of it very sexual, that I've compiled on a new page. See the link below for more!
    In fairness, several other group-nudity galleries from abbywinters.com do a much nicer job of depicting naked women hiking in groups. "Yarra Girls," featuring Els, Jocelyn K, Lily T and Sian W, is all about a nude stroll through parkland near Australia's Yarra River. Then there's "Waterfall Girls," which concludes with the six nude women hiking back home from their wilderness water-play adventure. This one features Adele, Annabella, Eloise, Gemma J, Lana C and McKenzie. Finally I have to mention "Camping Girls," which ends with our naked nature-lovers retreating from a campfire into their tent for a cozy night's play.

Posted Sept. 22, 2017

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Suck on this: puffy nipple time
    Met-Art and Matiss showcase a trio of beauties with soft, round aereoli

  Candice Lauren's lovely rounded nipples
Candice Lauren has lovely rounded nipples

  Naked cutie Dakota's bold puffy nipples
See naked cutie Dakota's bold puffy nipples

  Charlize sports succulent nips and lips
Charlize sports succulent nips and lips

    Among the amazing variety of body types that reveal themselves when people choose not to wear clothes, one of my favorites is what's universally known as "the puffy nipple." A subspecialty in the time-honored art of breast appreciation, this is all about the nipple itself and its delicious, suckable halo, the aereola.
    All three of these pairs of especially pneumatic breasts came in this week and last from Met-Art. Both Dakota A and Candice Lauren were photographed by Matiss, and both rookies. These are just the second galleries each for these two cuties.
    Charlize is another newcomer to Met-Art and was also shot by Matiss. Don't know if this photo artist has a particular interest in the big nipples, but if so it should be encouraged. The results are inspiring.
    Like yours just plain big? For big breasts of all shapes, including plenty of big, rounded nipples, check out the index of big-breast-themed sets.

Posted Sept. 20, 2017

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Three black beauties
    New models from 'Abby' and 'All Over 30' in celebration of African heritage

  abbywinters.com presents kinky Merveielle
abbywinters.com presents kinky Merveielle

  Black housewife Sunny's naked wash day
Black housewife Sunny's naked wash day

  Jetset Jasmine spreads at All Over 30
Jetset Jasmine spreads at All Over 30

    Every so often a fan will ask to see more women of color here at My Favorite Nudes. I am of course constrained by what my sponsoring paysites provide, but within those limits, I'm glad to oblige. After all, there's beauty to be found in every corner of the human race, and that certainly includes those women whose ancestry is African.
    Because All Over 30 is based in the United States, it has been able to feature a fair number of African-American women, most recently the two I'm showcasing here, Jetset Jasmine and Sunny. The first of these, Jasmine, was introduced in July of this year, and has done a good number of photosets, including some hard-core male-female sex episodes. She's a native of the New York borough of Queens, and reports that aside from her porn career she works as a therapist. Sunny is a newcomer to the site, having done just a handful of shoots since her debut in August. This 33-year-old Midwest native says she loves Las Vegas, and has already done a nice, hot two-woman set with the blonde beauty April Key. If you like the contrast of dark skin against light, you'll love that naked love-fest.
    The third Afro beauty I'm featuring today is presented by abbywinters.com, which now has a primarily European focus. Her name is Merveielle, which suggests a bit of French flavor, possibly from West Africa or the Caribbean. Either way, she's an uninhibited poser, offering a bit of kink in this photoset by letting us see the string from a tampon innocently dangling between her thighs.
    If you'd like to see more photosets with women of African ancestry, check out the "African" theme page, where you'll find several hundred galleries to choose from.

Posted Sept. 18, 2017

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Welcome new talent
    Sponsoring sites supply a fresh lineup of lovely nude models

  Big-breast Alisa I makes FEMJOY debut
Big-breast Alisa I makes FEMJOY debut

  FEMJOY's naked blue-eyed cutie Astrid S
FEMJOY's naked blue-eyed cutie Astrid S

  Meet long, lean nude beauty Kara Rosemary
Meet long, lean nude beauty Kara Rosemary

    One of the great pleasures of running My Favorite Nudes is the regular opportunity to encounter brand-new models. Oh, sure, I have lots of favorites among the thousands of beautiful women who have posed nude over the years, some of them many dozens or even hundreds of times. But it's always sweet to meet an attractive woman who's taking her clothes off before the camera for the first time.
    The most recent batch of photosets from FEMJOY featured two new models. The first of these is one of the stylish German photographer Stefan Soell's hand-picked beauties. Like so many of his stable of spectacular models, she is tall, slender, big-breasted and clean-shaven. She goes by the name Alisa I, and should not be confused with another Alisa I, a lovely redhead, also with a smooth-shaved pussy, who's recently posed for Met-Art for the first time. To keep them straight in my database, I've added the initial "F" for "FEMJOY" to this newest Alisa's name. Her debut photo gallery is typical of Soell's work. While he often uses ravishing nature settings such as wilderness rivers or Alpine meadows, he's also a master of the simple studio shoot, as in this case. Alisa's only prop is a heart-shaped balloon; her only adornment a complementary pendant. And both complement her ravishing curves!
    The other fresh face (and body) from FEMJOY is Astrid S. She is one of those blue-eyed brunette "girl next door" cuties that many of us knew, and flirted with, at one point or another in our lives. In her first shoot, in front of Peter Olssen's camera, she lets us appreciate not just her friendly face, but also a pair of puffy inverted nipples and a pretty, clean-shaved pussy. I've been quite taken with her, truth be told, and eagerly awaiting more photoshoots from her.
    Finally, we have Kara Rosemary, a long, lean dark-haired beauty who recently did her first photoshoot for Erotic Beauty. She's no rookie. This Czech lovely has gotten naked and spread her legs quite a few time for quite a few other porn sites, also appearing under the names "Kara Cherry," "Kara Rose" and "Karolina." But since this is the first time I've seen her, I'll take a moment to linger over this shoot. Aside from Kara's physical attributes -- and I do love a tall, thin woman -- she's also in a great setting. John Bloomberg posed her on a rocky mountainside, one of those places where no sign of human civilization is visible.

Posted Sept. 16, 2017

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Penetrating the underbrush
    Check out this new crop of models who favor that heavily-hairy look down there

  Russian MILF Adelis Shaman's wild pubes
Russian MILF Adelis Shaman's wild pubes

  Jungle adventure between Ellen B's thighs
Jungle adventure between Ellen B's thighs

  Livia V's pussy proudly sports natural look
Livia V's pussy proudly sports natural look

    One of the longest-ranging arguments among porn fanciers, nudists, and even feminists has been whether 'tis better to leave a wild nest of pubic hair alone, or to trim it, shave it or otherwise show what lies beneath. Personally, I favor a slick look, as well as the slick feel that it offers while engaging in sex. Not to mention avoiding getting stray hairs in my mouth while going down on the lady of my choice.
    But lots of women do prefer to keep their lady bits as fuzzy as nature intended. And lots of men enjoy that look, too. So in respect to that entirely valid point of view, today I'm showcasing some recent photo galleries from a pair of websites that tend to feature more hairy pussies than others do.
    Adelis Shaman is a fairly new model on All Over 30 who sports extravagantly hairy sex organs. She's Russian, 34 years old, and is photographed by the Moscow-based Foxy Studios. In her model biography, she talks about some of her fantasies and fetishes, which involve sex with other women and masturbation with fingers and toys, but has nothing to say about pubic hair, or its removal.
    Another newcomer at All Over 30 is Ellen B, a 47-year-old Englishwoman. She's photographed by WT Studio, which is doing most of that site's work with English models these days. Her bio doesn't say anything about her very hairy pussy, either, but does have this intriguing comment, which I'd think other guys like me would find delightful: Her ideal turn-on, she says, is "male masturbation," and the quickest way to give her an orgasm is "to masturbate in front of me." So if looking at her spread legs and amazing muff gets you inspired, guys, go for it! She also says she fantasizes about masturbating herself in her back yard and being seen by her neighbors!
    Our third hairy beauty today is Livia V, one of the non-professional models that abbywinters.com features. You can enjoy her hairy pussy in a number of solo photo galleries, but like most of Abby's models, she's also done plenty of two-woman sets. And those, of course, typically feature lots of fingering, dildo play and oral sex. Like to watch a woman lovingly parting her girlfriend's pubic hair to reveal the shiny pink hiding underneath? Abby offers plenty of that experience, in stills and video, featuring not just Livia, but hundreds of other friendly ladies.
    If hairy pussies are your thing, by the way, you should check out one of the Met-Art family of sites, "Love Hairy." This is, as you'd imagine, the place where you'll find all unshaved, all the time. Of course, if you're of a contrary persuasion, a sister site, "ALS Scan" gives you just the opposite. The "ALS," for the record, stands for "all ladies shaved." It goes beyond just shaved pussy, though: ALS Scan is also famous for how its models penetrate their own and their girlfriends' shaved pussies, with fingers, fists, tongues, dildoes, medical appliances, vegetables and other apparatus.

Posted Sept. 14, 2017

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The penis as a prop for photo shoots
    Fans debate the role of another man's parts in an erotic fantasy photo gallery

  Mike signals approval of Hegre Art's Flora
Mike signals approval of Hegre Art's Flora

  Hegre's Silvie gets cheeky with uncircumcised Leo
Hegre's Silvie gets cheeky with uncircumcised Leo

  Abby's girl Sicilia and stiff boy-toy Sean
Abby's girl Sicilia and stiff boy-toy Sean

  Valentina Ross sees boyfriend eye to eye
Valentina Ross sees boyfriend eye to eye

  Valentina Ross and Dick from All Over 30
Valentina Ross and Dick from All Over 30

  Another with Hegre's Flora and Mike
Another with Hegre's Flora and Mike

    Discovering, and lingering over, the great collection of photos on the Libertine Nudist Couple's blog (see item from Sept. 6, below) I got to thinking about a question that's pretty important in the world of pornography. That is, if you love to ogle naked women, and to imagine yourself having sex with them, is the presence of another man in the photos or movies an advantage or a distraction? Or, worse, a turn-off? (I pose the question from a male point of view, of course. Women who like other women sexually of course have their own complex set of issues surrounding this issue.)
    Here's what I mean: if what lights you up, certainly including but not limited to whether it gets your own dick hard, is a sexually available female's body, face, personality, can you tolerate the idea -- and the image -- of a male rival in the scenario? Or does another man in a sexual relationship with the woman you're focused on add to the thrill? Could that work by offering an example of how you might consummate this situation? Or, to take it one step farther, might you find it a special thrill to be one of two or more men enjoying sex with this particular woman or women?
    This has become a point of disagreement right here on My Favorite Nudes. Some members, when invited to assign ratings to a photoset that includes a naked man along with the naked woman, have picked a low rating. The numerical equivelent of an "Ugh" or at least a "Meh." Others, though, have ranked such galleries very high. Presumably the idea is that the sight of a penis, any penis, just validates how the viewer's own equipment is reacting. I don't have a lot of this sort of thing, just because for various legal and business reasons I've chosen to keep my site "soft-core," without overt sexual penetration or contact. But several of the sites that supply my photo galleries do go a bit farther, and some of my edited versions of these sets hint at the possibilities. Petter Hegre of Hegre Art for example has done a good number of "massage" themed photosets, in which attractive naked models oil up others' genitals and manipulate them. These galleries, and a number of others that just feature male and female models together, don't shy away from showing an erect penis. See this gallery in which the glistening, oiled-up black model Mike shows what he's got when paired with Flora. Silvie's friend Leo is soft in many of the images in their set, but not all of them. abbywinters.com does provide some sexually explicit male-female sets, but those aren't part of what I'm able to show directly here. But the photographers at abbywinters.com have dabbled in some soft-core galleries in which models pose alongside their naked boyfriends. And some not so soft. Here, for example, when Sean plays with Sicilia, he stands up and salutes, much as I would and I expect many of this site's viewers will.
    A personal observation, if I may: On a number of occasions I have played in "M-F-M" threesomes with My Favorite Naked Woman and various male friends. I can quite honestly say that the other guy's stiff dick was no threat to me; as long as it contributed to my lady's excitement, it was all that much better for me. I have some private photosets of my own from some of these episodes, and a number of them feature her avidly sucking on her "boy toy's" penis, but with her own legs spread wide open, waiting for my own erection to fill her up. And so it did, to everybody's satisfaction.

Posted Sept. 12, 2017

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A brilliant bouquet of redheads
    Lovelies show off their brilliant hair, top and sometimes bottom: pubes may be included

  All Over 30's Evane Nordstern shows off natural red bush
All Over 30's Evane Nordstern shows off natural red bush

  Met-Art's Adel C prefers to be clean-shaven
Met-Art's Adel C prefers snatch to be clean-shaven

  Dennie from Met-Art goes wild with her pubes
Dennie from Met-Art goes wild with her pubes

  Gabriela Lea from Met-Art goes for stubble look
Gabriela Lea from Met-Art chooses stubble look
  Alice May spreads slick shaved pussy for Met-Art
Alice May spreads slick shaved pussy for Met-Art
  Not natural: Cornelia from abbywinters.com
Not natural: Cornelia from abbywinters.com
    The last couple of weeks, I've noticed, the paysites that supply me with photo galleries have offered quite a crop of lovely redheads. They come from All Over 30, Met Art and abbywinters.com. What's fascinating about this, of course, is the comparison between their "crowning glory," so to speak, on top of their heads, and what they're wearing between their legs.
    Even if like me you love a smoothly shaved or waxed pussy, you're likely to enjoy the sight of a luxurious crop of naturally red pubic hair. It's especially enticing when a woman spreads those pubes apart to reveal their bright pink labia. Best of all possible worlds, seems to me, with pink framed by brilliant coppery fluff! A great example of this is Evane Nordstern, a new model from All Over 30.
    On the other hand, I'm not about to complain when a redhead as beautiful as Adel C or Alice May from Met-Art chooses to shave off the pubes. That makes it harder to tell whether she's a natural "ginger" or not, but really: who cares? Or, as with another Met-Art model, Gabriela Lea, the pubes are cropped so close that they're barely stubble, we can still see the wonderful twinkly pussylips without any shrubbery to push out of the way.
    On the subject of whether the hair color is natural -- or, like in a hair-dye commercial from my youth, "Does she or doesn't she? Only her hair-dresser knows for sure." -- we have a very good way to tell. And so Dennie from Met Art or Cornelia from abbywinters.com reveal, with plain-brunette bushes, that they have enhanced their other hair. But I can't see any reason to object to this. However they choose to enhance their bodies, they're doing it for our benefit. And we appreciate it.
    If you'd like to explore all the possibilities and permutations of red hair, top and bottom, you can browse my index of all redhead models. Or, to narrow things down, my custom gallery search feature will let you zoom in on, say, only hairy-pussy redheads on abbywinters.com. Check it out and enjoy exploring.

Posted Sept. 10, 2017

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The long and the short of it
    Compare and contrast tall, statuesque women with their petite naked girlfriends

  Nichole towers over petite lover Yasmeena
Nichole towers over petite brunette lover Yasmeena

  Tall Nichole with tiny blonde Caisa
Tall Nichole with tiny blonde cutie Caisa

  Little Zina and big girlfriend Nichole
Little Zina abreast of her big girlfriend Nichole

  Shaved Hayden looks up to hairy Nichole
Shaved Hayden looks up to hairy gal pal Nichole
  Tall brunette Sarah poses naked for petite blonde Kindi
Petite professor Kindi Stone in all-naked educational photo shoot with tall girlfriend & model Sarah Louis
    One of the many things I love about the one-of-a-kind website abbywinters.com is now creatively they pair off their amateur models. If you browse the galleries I'm privileged to display from that site, you'll see something like half of them feature pairs of women. Of course, they are partying naked! (Keep in mind that while I show far less than everything available to members at abbywinters.com, the full photoshoots are sexually explicit. These girlfriends, even if just for the day of the shoot, are fully into each other's pussies.)
    Because the models do so regularly pair off, you'll see an enormous variety in which women get down and funky with which others. I've been struck lately by the amazing contrast between one unusually tall model, the blonde amazon Nichole. In a good number of her "girl-on-girl" photosets, she's paired with a sex partner who is far shorter. In some cases, no taller than to be a breast height!
    This can obviously require some creativity in which two women with such radically different bodies are able to connect sexually. A simple "sixty-nine," with simultaneous oral sex, doesn't appear very practical. But with the help of fingers and toys, any two people who want to turn each other on can find a way. So if these pairings intrigue you, and you'd like to see more about how they consummate their passions, you ought to check out the source, at abbywinters.com.
    Maybe this topic caught my eye because of something else I discovered recently. It's an absolutely delicious video in which that lovely petite evangelist for nudism, Dr. Kindi Stone, pairs up with her friend Sarah Louis for a filmed seminar on nude glamour photography. Aside from the fact that both women are educators, and as enthusiastic nudists both love to live life as clothing-free as possible, you also can't help but notice the difference in stature. Just like Nichole does over her fellow models in the abbywinters.com photo shoots, so Sarah towers over Kindi.

Posted Sept. 8, 2017

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Libertine Nudist Couple's blog
    An online treasury of photos celebrating social nudity and open sexuality

  Excited female sunbather gets visibly aroused
Sexual arousal is this blog's constant theme. As with this excited female sunbather.
  An erection is a man's salute to his woman
The bloggers treat erections as something wonderful, not shameful. See dozens more!
    Serendipity is the quality of discovering something useful or even wonderful when you're not looking -- or are looking for something else. A while back, I found what I thought was a pretty cool photo depicting one of my favorite scenarios: an all-nude cocktail party. Wondering if there was more to be found along the same lines, I tracked it back, probably not to its source, but to a pretty cool place nonetheless.
    That place was a blog on Tumblr, produced by an anonymous couple who call themselves The Libertine Nudist Couple. Where they push the envelope is by going beyond the wholesome "it's not about sex" ideology that rules the mainstream "nudist" or "naturist" movements. For them, unabashedly, is IS about sex. And their blog makes the point very clearly.
    They don't say so specifically, but it seems likely that they are European, likely English -- just because the writing suggests somebody with a native fluency in the language. Because they frequent some of the less-inhibited nudist destinations on the continent, notably Cap D'Agde in France. And on those extremely free-spirited beaches, it's not taboo for a man to show an erection, or for a woman to grab it, taste it, or otherwise insert it.
    The blog is loaded with photos its authors have gleaned from all over the internet, many of them sexually explicit, celebrating the erotic possibilities of a clothes-free lifestyle. I've put just a couple of them here, but you can see quite a few more in my article on the "Friends" page. And of course, hundreds on the blog itself.

Posted Sept. 6, 2017

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Updated sampler of nude lifestyle videos
    Enjoy nudity of all flavors in quirky, sexy and just plain delightful movies from all over

Russian girls perform all-nude Karaoke

    A couple of years ago, while looking for something else, I discovered some wonderful nude tidbits on the video-sharing site YouTube. And thanks to its easy "embed" feature I was able to share them with my fans, too. But as time goes by, content gets obsolete. A good number of those links quit working for one reason or another. So it's time to refresh that page.
    Some of the best of the original videos are still available. Among my favorites is a wonderful nudist luncheon and dance party, with several dozen attractive young East European women. This is a teaser for the nudist-lifestyle site Naturist Freedom, which sells DVDs and downloads by the hundreds. I've also actually added to a collection of, sadly, low-resolution views of something called the Stark Naked Orchestra. Suffice it to say it's all-female, all-naked, and Japanese. If that's not enough to get you to check it out, you probably wouldn't like it anyway.
    Also still available, though now through Vimeo instead of YouTube, are some delightful films featuring die-hard nudist and college professor Kindi Stone. She gives some pretty convincing sales pitches for the benefits of living life naked, and mostly outdoors. A new find is especially delicious: Dr. Kindi Stone (PhD!) gives a workshop on glamour photography, in which of course she's entirely naked. Helping her is another educator who serves as her model. Not only do they stroll fully nude around Kindi's big, private rural spread, they also get in the pickup, still naked of course, and drive to a boat ramp for a trip to a deserted stretch of beach. I can't recommend this enough.
    A good number of the other videos I've found and featured are about nudity in the arts. Not just amateur karaoke or erotic home dance parties, but also some pretty cool performance-art films featuring an accomplished opera singer named Abigail Wright. This beauty proudly performs "full frontal," showing off her perfect shaved pussy as well as her well-trained pipes. Her aria comes toward the end of the two versions of this performance I've found.

Posted Sept. 4, 2017

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A treasury of Golden girls
    All Over 30 and Met-Art introduce, or re-introduce, three nude models named 'Gold'

  Big-breasted blonde Carol Gold presented by All Over 30
Big-breast blonde Carol Gold from All Over 30

  Mature brunette Gemma Gold is new All Over 30 model
Mature brunette Gemma Gold at All Over 30

  Met-Art presents shaved-pussy blonde beauty Eva Gold
Met-Art presents shaved blonde Eva Gold
    By an interesting coincidence, I've recently added some brand-new photosets that feature models with the name "Gold." Both are mature beauties featured by All Over 30: Gemma Gold and Carol Gold. So I thought it was worth taking a look at all the "golden girls" who've generously spread their legs for the cameras.
    While Gemma Gold is a genuine newcomer, it turns out that Carol Gold is something of a veteran. Her profile on All Over 30 says she's 37 years old and hails from Brno in the Czech Republic. What you can see for yourself is that this blonde beauty has a wonderfully generous pair of breasts, favors keeping her pubic hair trimmed into a "landing strip," and has performed both solo and with another big-breast blonde beauty, Sherry Riley.
    Until this year, though, Carol was known as "Carol S," which is how her photo galleries have been indexed since she made her debut in 2012.
    The genuine newcomer in this group is Gemma Gold, a 43-year-old Englishwoman. I was intrigued to learn that she once worked as a prison guard! And she listed a pretty kinky sexual fantasy: "Being tied up in a forest naked and hope I don't get caught before my man comes back and fucks me."
    The third of the golden girls featured here today is Eva Gold, who also made her debut this year, in her case with Met-Art. She's Russian and her first nude gallery for Met-Art was shot by Antonio Clemens, one of that site's regular photographers.

Posted Sept. 2, 2017

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Urine the money ...
    When it comes to photos of naked women peeing, it takes a whiz to find 'em

  Monica M from abbywinters.com pees for your viewing pleasure
Abby's model Monica M pees for your enjoyment

  Cierra from FEMJOY takes a piss under running water
FEMJOY model Cierra pisses under running water
    Recently I discovered a wonderful sex-and-nudity-themed blog, which I devoted an entire article to on my "Friends" page. Among the many, many delightfully sexy photos posted by the "Libertine Nudist Couple" were a number that featured naked women urinating. That got me thinking to why this sort of thing is fascinating to voyeurs. Voyeurs like me, for instance.
    This isn't about some of the more extreme kinks, "Golden Showers" and the like, that involve what to me is the distasteful and degrading business of peeing ON somebody. Or of getting peed on, depending on your point of view. No, that sort of stuff leaves me cold. But I guess it's the simple fact that urination is done through what are otherwise sex organs that makes it sexy. At least when it's an attractive woman doing the peeing, and the sexiness is in the eyes of a male beholder.
    One of the benefits of archiving the many thousands of photosets I offer on My Favorite Nudes is the way a database lets me sort and display them. Among many other options, these are indexed by "theme," and one of the many themes I've identified is urination.
    So if you're a "number one" fan, you'll find several dozen photo galleries in which the models demonstrate the truth of that old adage: When you're got to go, you've got to go.
    Follow the link below to see what I mean. And while you're at it, you might want to play around with the many other themes by which this site's 27,472 current photosets can be sorted.

Posted Aug. 31, 2017

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Cruises cater to nudists or swingers
    Anyone can enjoy either an all-naked vacation or unlimited sex play at sea

  A scene from a recent nude cruise by Bare Necessities Travel
  Dress code on this cruise is all-naked all the time
Scenes from nudist cruise. Dress code is simple: all naked, all the time
    If you're like me and like to be naked, like to see other people naked, and enjoy guilt-free sexual adventures, then you should definitely check out one of the nudist or swinger cruises now sailing several times every year. Two significantly different flavors of experience are available. If you're a classic nudist, there's a series of cruises that allow every passenger to spend essentialy the entire time at sea totally nude. But if swinging and open sex is your thing, there's several libertine options, too.
    I recently put a longer article on my "Friends" page about these, both of which My Favorite Naked Woman and I have enjoyed recently. Each has its advantages, depending on what, uh, floats your boat. In both cases, they are quite affordable, not too different from any other comparable cruise, largely because they are charters -- "whole ship takeovers," if you like, using well-known mainstream lines like Carnival and Celebrity.
    Bare Necessities, a travel agency based in Texas, has been sponsoring its all-nude cruises for three decades now. Their ships take nudist passengers around the Caribbean, Mediterranean and South Pacific in a no-dress-code, no-tan-lines setting. The only times passengers need to put on clothing are when the ships are in port, or if they choose to dine in the ship's formal dining room. If even putting on shorts and a shirt is too much for you, the buffets are delicious and entirely clothing-optional. An important caveat, though, is that while nudity is 100 percent fine, overt sexual displays or activity is not. If you want to get it on, with your partner or anyone else, you need to take it to your stateroom.
    Bliss Cruises, by contrast, are explicitly about the swinging lifestyle. Bliss is a consortium of travel agencies that cater to swingers. It's a safe kind of sex tourism. While nudity is more restricted, limited to the sun decks and designated "play rooms" below decks, these cruises specifically encourage sex play among passengers. Restricted to male-female couples, Bliss Cruises encourage hookups between friends or consenting strangers in any of their play areas, either indoors or up on deck.
    Read more about both options, and see links for booking a cruise, on the "Friends" page.

Posted Aug. 29, 2017

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Find all videos and photosets in one place
    Improved search shows you thumbnails and links to every nude feature by every model

  This is a link to one of Adel Morel's photo galleries, found on her model search page
All photosets are linked
from each model's page
  This is one of Adel Morel's videos, linked from her model search page
Find links to video
trailers like this one
    This isn't a brand-new feature, but it's recent enough to be worth special mention. The model-search features here on My Favorite Nudes now lets you find, at a glance, not only every photo gallery a particular model has made, but all video trailers, too. So, as in the examples shown here, you want to find everything beautiful Met-Art model Adel Morel is featured in, just click on her name, or enter it in the model search form on the upper right corner of every page.
    The video trailers aren't new, of course. They've been a feature here for many years, accessible through the "Video" links. The trailers are fairly short excerpts, at middling resolution, of the HD-quality originals available to members on three of my sponsoring sites: FEMJOY, Met-Art and All Over 30. By the way: The free movies you'll find on All Over 30 are quite a bit longer, and usually feature some sort of hard-core action. If not male-on-female fucking and sucking, or Lesbian pussy-licking, then absolutely plenty of spread-leg masturbation with fingers, dildoes and vibrators.
    The idea of these trailers, of course, is that these reduced-quality samples will whet your appetite for the whole product, and get you to consider subscribing for the real deal. That's up to you, of course. But I think you'll find the "tease" versions worth a look.
Posted Aug. 27, 2017

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Superstar Lorena tops 100 galleries
    Gorgeous Spanish brunette is a favorite model featured on Femjoy and Met-Art

  This is one of over a hundred of Lorena's naked galleries
As 'Lorena G' on FEMJOY

  Lovely Lorena is featured in more than 100 nude photosets
And as 'Lorena B' on Met-Art

    Recently I was delighted to discover that one of my very favorite nude models had passed the century mark, with more than 100 stunning nude photosets right here on My Favorite Nudes. I'm sure many of my viewers will agree that few women are more beautiful than lovely Lorena, the Spanish model who's featured on FEMJOY and Met-Art. She goes by slightly different professional names, known as "Lorena G" on FEMJOY and as "Lorena B" on Met-Art.
    As fans will know as much as I do, Lorena offers lots for those who like a smooth, fully shaved pussy, but also for those who prefer a more natural approach to genital styling. Her beautiful snatch is never wild or unruly, though. Even Lorena's hairy-pussy photosets feature a neat, trim "do" that doesn't hide her pretty labia.
    While she's the first to reach the hundred-gallery mark, Lorena is of course far from the only beautiful model for whom you can search right here. Enter a name or even part of a name and you'll see thumbnails and links to every gallery I have for that model, from any originating site.
    As always, I welcome comments, feedback and suggestions from viewers.

Posted Aug. 25, 2017

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    From 2011 to 2017, this page mainly highlighted both the newest galleries on the site and some randomly selected "greatest hits" from the archives. These were mostly automated, and didn't get saved from day to day. But starting in August 2017, I'm writing "live" blog posts again. On the previous 11 blog pages though, for those with an interest, are commentaries from the earlier years of "My Favorite Nudes." On the theory that great erotic photos of beautiful naked women never go out of style, I offer my thoughts from some years back, with links to some of the great nude photosets I'd posted then.
    The navigation buttons below will let you find and enjoy those earlier postings.


We're back!
    My Favorite Nudes returns with the world's classiest, sexiest naked women

Click to go to complete gallery
Welcome back! Come on in and enjoy great photosets
like 'Ball Pit Girls,' from such sites as abbywinters.com

    Back in July 2010 I put this website on hiatus because it was demanding far more time and attention than I could afford to invest. I'm bringing the site back with some new ideas that I hope will make it easier for me to manage, and a better experience for fans of the world-class erotica featured here.
This image is Eden, with a friend, from abbywinters.com
Let the party resume!

    For the time being, I'm just restoring the site to the way it was organized last summer. When you go to the galleries index, you'll see photo galleries posted back in July, June or earlier last year. Please bear with me for awhile, and enjoy some of these "greatest hits" in the meantime. But I'll soon start posting new, fresh photosets from all my sponsoring sites, with new tools for users to browse widely and deeply through an archive of thousands of fabulous nudes.
    As always, I welcome comments, feedback and suggestions from viewers.

Posted Feb. 11, 2011

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