Fine art nudes. This image is 'Nymphaeum' by the 19th-century French Academic painter William Bouguereau.

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Gloria H 
From  Hegre Art

Click for this gallery of 18 nude photos featuring Gloria H from Hegre Art.
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Iren D 
From  Met-Art

Click for this gallery of 19 nude photos featuring Iren D from Met-Art.
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Olivia G 
From  All Over 30

Click for this gallery of 14 nude photos featuring Olivia G from All Over 30.
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Dominika C 
From  Hegre Art

Click for this gallery of 16 nude photos featuring Dominika C from Hegre Art.
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Jenni A 
From  Met-Art

Click for this gallery of 16 nude photos featuring Jenni A from Met-Art.
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Milana J 
From  Met-Art

Click for this gallery of 18 nude photos featuring Milana J from Met-Art.
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Diva A 
From  Met-Art

Click for this gallery of 12 nude photos featuring Diva A from Met-Art.
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Diana Dulce 
From  Met-Art

Click for this gallery of 18 nude photos featuring Diana Dulce from Met-Art.
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From  Hegre Art

Click for this gallery of 16 nude photos featuring Silvie from Hegre Art.
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Rinna A 
From  Met-Art

Click for this gallery of 16 nude photos featuring Rinna A from Met-Art.
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Emma Sweet 
From  Met-Art

Click for this gallery of 18 nude photos featuring Emma Sweet from Met-Art.
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Emily A 
From  Met-Art

Click for this gallery of 18 nude photos featuring Emily A from Met-Art.
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Kira I 
From  All Over 30

Click for this gallery of 10 nude photos featuring Kira I from All Over 30.
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Sintima A 
From  Met-Art

Click for this gallery of 16 nude photos featuring Sintima A from Met-Art.
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Gloria P 

Click for this gallery of 16 nude photos featuring Gloria P from FEMJOY.
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Amy B 

Click for this gallery of 16 nude photos featuring Amy B from FEMJOY.
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Click for this gallery of 16 nude photos featuring Jessica from FEMJOY.
to the full photo gallery
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Guerlain A 
From  Met-Art

Click for this gallery of 21 nude photos featuring Guerlain A & Ilze A from Met-Art.
to the full photo gallery
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Mila I 
From  Met-Art

Click for this gallery of 14 nude photos featuring Mila I from Met-Art.
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From  All Over 30

Click for this gallery of 18 nude photos featuring Juliette from All Over 30.
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Arina F 

Click for this gallery of 16 nude photos featuring Arina F from FEMJOY.
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Jenna A 
From  Erotic Beauty

Click for this gallery of 16 nude photos featuring Jenna A from Erotic Beauty.
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From  All Over 30

Click for this gallery of 18 nude photos featuring Coral from All Over 30.
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Click for this gallery of 16 nude photos featuring Fibby from FEMJOY.
to the full photo gallery
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Martha P 

Click for this gallery of 16 nude photos featuring Martha P from FEMJOY.
to the full photo gallery
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Benita B 

Click for this gallery of 16 nude photos featuring Benita B from FEMJOY.
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Miela A 
From  Met-Art

Click for this gallery of 14 nude photos featuring Miela A from Met-Art.
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Nessa A 
From  Met-Art

Click for this gallery of 21 nude photos featuring Nessa A from Met-Art.
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Suggestions from One Man who loves Naked Women
My Favorite Nudes

Friends of naked women:
nude photography links,
the penis and clitoris,
erections and masturbation

WHAT'S ON THIS PAGE:   Today's news, nude | A naked dancer | Nude auditions | Nude videos | Sites I like | Female viewers' opinions | Male viewers' opinions | Share nude photos | Artwork from photos | Naked Haute Couture | Amateur nude photos | Nude fantasy art | Erotic literature | Naked friends | Tell me what you think | Erotic art photos | Real women naked | A male tribute | Hairy genitalia | Genital hairstyling | Get naked, save energy | Nudes & masturbation | Masturbation videos | Bookmark this site | Blog | Link to this site

Be informed: watch Naked News and its nude anchors

Message from a Naked News anchor

  The on-camera talent that makes Naked News what it is tell you about themselves and their work. Click on the video to take the free tour, including plenty of good looks at the news team, delivering their reports totally nude.
  To meet another anchor, click the button below to refresh this page.

Naked News
  I love this amazing site. Imagine a nightly cable newscast where all the anchors and correspondents are attractive naked women! That's exactly what Naked News delivers. It's real news, including international, business, sports, entertainment and lifestyles, updated daily. Subscribers can access half a year's worth of archived shows. The anchors range from their 20s to early 40s, including a variety of ethnicities. Instead of hiding their bodies behind a desk, these beauties deliver their reports standing up. Sometimes they are totally naked throughout their segments. Sometimes they do a slow striptease while delivering their report.
  A pleasant touch: When they finish, the naked anchors turn and walk off camera to give us a good look at their very nice butts. Check out the on-camera auditions: good-looking women of all shapes and sizes bare their bodies for a shot at on-camera jobs. It's weird, it's wonderful, it's Canadian. Bless our sexy northern neighbors!

Carli Bei 
From  Naked News

Click for this gallery of 9 nude photos featuring Carli Bei, Angie Heyward, Whitney St. John & Katherine Curtis from Naked News. Go to the full photo gallery

See more for yourself
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Scenes of a dancer

Christine Berl dances under the stage name "Tuta." Here are examples of her work.
Go to dance video,
   "Choreography by Yousry Sharif."
Go to dance video,
   "Choreography by Khaled Mahmoud."
Go to dance video,
   "Improvisation, Pontremoli, (Tuscany) Italy."
Click for more photos of Christine

Click for more photos of Christine

"Midtown Manhattan"
Click for more photos of Christine

A friend's candid nudes

Christine Berl sent me these images that she shot of herself and asked if I could post them. Delighted to do so! Christine is an Egyptian-style modern dancer, choreographer, musician, photo model and photographer. She is a New Yorker living in Northern Tuscany in summer and on the Italian Riviera in winter. A number of videos of her dancing are available on YouTube.

Nude modeling try-outs

Anonymous blonde

These are photos submitted by fans who were interested in becoming nude models. As a point of interest, the commercial porn sites I have the closest relationship with ask that any prospective model submit several clear photos, totally nude, front and back, at least one of which include a clear view of her face. I am happy to forward good audition shots for consideration by these sites.

Tammy, shown below and at right, is a 40-something married woman who is being considered for the chance to pose nude for, one of my favorite sponsoring sites.




Let me showcase your photos here!
Do you or your partner love to show off your body? Enjoy amateur nude photography? Want to share your pictures with connoisseurs of the nude world-wide? If so, please email me with moderate-sized JPEG images (1 or 2 megabytes will be fine for starters.) While I appreciate all varieties of visual erotica, keep in mind that my particular "niche" is total nudity. Pictures can be modest or sexually explicit, as you prefer, as long as no actual sexual contact is depicted.





Go to a complete gallery of Janet's nude photos.

A sampler of nude videos from all over
I've compiled a page full of sexy, entertaining and just plain weird videos I found on YouTube. These all have two things in common: they feature lovely women, totally naked, and each in its own way celebrates the freedom of nudity and the value of the human body. Here are just a couple of them; for the rest, GO to the best of YouTube nudes.

Naked conductor leads all-nude, all-female orchestra

I don't know much about this, other than that it's called the Japanese Stark Naked Orchestra. After the conductor's slow strip-tease, the naked musicians perform the "Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairies" from Tchaikowski's "Nutcracker."

Positive body image, with Kindi Stone

Dr. Kindi Stone is a college administrator whose job is about promoting health, respectful sexuality. She is also a devoted nudist. This video talks about nudism and the importance of feeling good about your body.

Links to sites I like


Feedback and reviews of our site

Erotica and naked women

Erotic Artists: A free online community for erotic art A free online community of artists who produce work with a sexual theme. Artists can post galleries of their work at no charge. The "Marketplace" section allows connoisseurs to buy paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, etc., directly from the artists.
Go to

Dance Naked: A Guide to Unleashing Your Inner Hottie Professional stripper Jessica Kayla Conrad wrote this insider's view of America's nude bars and the world of exotic dancing. This link goes to an online excerpt in which Conrad advises women on how to get comfortable with being naked. To her, that's an essential step toward becoming a sexier person. Her first point: Dancers are comfortable with their bodies because they spend a whole 40-hour work week naked. "We're pretty much all naked, all the time."
Being naked for hours is all in a day's work for a stripper, according to the book 'Dance Naked' by Jessica Kayla Conrad. They're naked on the job
   She points out the irony that working naked takes nudity out of the narrowly sexual context in which most women experience it. That allows nude dancers to become totally comfortable with their naked bodies. And it's that level of comfort that ultimately translates back into a higher level of sexuality. "We feel confident taking our clothes off because we are comfortable with our naked bodies — we have nothing to hide."
   To achieve this level of comfort, Conrad advises her readers to start by "Making Naked Time." When you're at home alone, she suggests, get naked for mundane tasks like laundry or clipping coupons. Her other chief "Naked Time" suggestion is to sleep nude. Once you're at ease with your nude body, she says, it's time to dance naked. "Now we're ready to add the sex back into it," Conrad writes. "Dancing is sexy. Dancing with unbridled abandon to a song you love is one of the most fun, freeing, joyful, and erotic experiences in the world."

Tango Time This is a place for exhibitionists to share their own nude photos and videos with each other. It also includes a rating system, so members can get feedback on their bodies, sexual styles and video production skills. Entry level pictures available free, but full access to the videos requires a paid membership, just $7 a month.
Go to

Fifty Nude Women: A Musical Montage is the title of a documentary film, available on DVD through this website. Not erotica, this is a lively, good-natured look at the great variety of real women's real naked bodies. New York filmmaker Margot Roth recommends her film as a fun, educational experience for men, women, teenage girls and boys, and any other "People who like naked ladies."
Go to

Nudity in the fine arts

Some examples of our Nude Artist's nude paintings

My Favorite Naked Woman has had fun painting original erotic works of art from nude photographs I've pulled from this my collection -- right here on this site! And, just to make it even more fun, she paints these nudes while she's nude herself. Great work, great fun, and very sexy. She does this sort of thing, on request, for friends, too. If somebody has a favorite intimate photo of a loved one, or a hot download from one of our galleries, she can make it into a one-of-a-kind nude painting.
Go to nudes in the fine arts

Share your nude photos! Click to go to response form.
Should your nude pic be here?
Let me give you a showcase for your nude photos that emphasize the beauty of the female form.     If you are the model or the photographer and are looking for (ahem) exposure for your pictures, let me give them a respectful forum. I'll post as much or as little credit as you prefer.
    Amateur efforts are more than welcome.

Friends' photo gallery
Quality amateur nudes
    This is a space where we will post non-commercial nude photographs that match the "My Favorite Nudes" esthetic.
    If you have photos of yourself that you'd like to see displayed here, please let us know. We welcome any questions or suggestions. Use the form above or:
    Email to:

A photo of one of The Beachcomber's friends, partying naked.
A photo of one of The Beachcomber's friends, partying naked.
These are photos of some friends who party naked.

A photo of one of The Beachcomber's friends, partying naked.
A photo of one of The Beachcomber's friends, partying naked.
A photo of one of The Beachcomber's friends, partying naked.
Erotic art photography
'Dreams of the Goddess'
    Some of the most imaginative, original nude photography I've seen lately can be found at the website of the camera artist Chris Maher. Here's his description of his approach to the nude: "I'm a working artist who finds the female form to be a magical subject, worthy of celebration, not suppression in the name of morality."
Click to see more photos from     He's created some intriguing galleries of work for sale -- he offers prints of images shown on his site -- that break new ground in composition and subject matter. He doesn't shy away from such themes as the link between sexuality and fertility, as seen in his pregnancy gallery, and the sensuous connection of mother and infant.
    You may also be impressed, as I am, by some of the galleries on themes he identifies with such titles as "Escapes," "Couples," and "Honey."
    I've created a couple of small galleries of highlights that are linked here. For more, you can go directly to Maher's own site, at
Go to sample gallery I.     Go to sample gallery II.
Go to "Dreams of the Goddess" website.

  The female perspective

Our female fans write about 'My Favorite Nudes'
"I love your website. I am a girl and like looking at girls. Yes, it gives my clit an erection! I would like to see B&D images and girls playing 'Doggie,' pretending to be a dog (bitch actually), being led around on a leash."
"Very nice site. Beautiful pics. I will be back."
"Great babes here. Very classy. A sure hard-on here!"
"A very interesting site, which covers a wide audience. Tasteful and yet right to the point!"
"Wow! A really great site! I can see you have put a lot of time and energy into this. I am impressed with the depth of research I found. So much information, great look. Something for everyone."
"Good site with lots of great images. Very enjoyable to look at."
Our female fans write about 'My Favorite Nudes'
"Very nice looking website. I like the cool artistic look."
"Very well chosen galleries guarantee a wet time."
"I really enjoyed viewing your site! Great content, beautiful women!!!"
Donna Michelle
"This site is different. I liked it: Not your stereotypical site ... and would appeal to a wider audience base. Very easy to navigate and a real quality feel to it. Well Done."
"What a beautifully put together site! I love the background graphics and the elegance of the site. Great selection of pics and art. Wonderful galleries. This site really puts some class and elegance into the beautiful nude form. I will return."
Our female fans write about 'My Favorite Nudes'
"This is a very classy site depicting the nude woman's body. I like how you took the artistic approach and showed the pictures very nicely. I liked your descriptions for each area on the homepage; you write very well. It was easy to read and easy to find areas of interest. Very well done!"
"Kinda weird and different. Not exactly what I was expecting, but it was pretty cool and I learned stuff I didn't know."
"I love this site. I think it was beautifully and tastefully done. The pictures are wonderful."
"Ahhh, what a breath of fresh air in the adult section. You've done an awesome job. All class, no crap."
"I think this is the first site I have seen where the nudity doesn't have much to do with porn. Instead it is an artsy type site, with ladies in various poses of nudity, tastefully done with lots of attention to class. Well designed and thought out. It was like being in an art gallery really, very well done photos. Pages were lightning quick, and there was an awesome variety to choose from. Very innovative, and the yuppie crowd will love the artsy feel."
"Very nice site. Very beautiful nude photos. Tasteful and classy. This site is one of a kind. So glad to have viewed it and will recommend it."
Our female fans write about 'My Favorite Nudes'
"Excellent presentation, beautiful work."
"Love it! The site feels like a study of the naked body and presents the women with a lot of respect and beauty."
"Very nice site. Well laid out ... Content is of good quality. Thanks, best wishes."
"Great photos and videos. ..."
"Sexy girls & beautiful site. Three Cheers to you guys!!!"
"A very classy looking site promoting a number of the best erotic female nude paysites on the web. Clearly owned and designed by a genuine connoisseur."
"First adult site I've visited through linkreferral. I really like this one, too. Layout was easy to navigate, loaded quickly for me. Pictures were lovely."
Our female fans write about 'My Favorite Nudes'
"Very cool site - very different - an artistic approach. Looks really professional."
"Giggly Chick"
"This is one of the best sites I have seen in a long time. The pictures are great and everything loads fast ... Women are so beautiful and the artistic nature of these pictures shows just that. ... Keep it up."
"I have been looking for a similar website for a year now. I am amazed at the portrayal of the "goddess" in so many cultures of the world. Good job."
"Great gallery, easy to navigate, good links."
"Nice looking site. Great concept and nice variety." Syndee

Share your pictures!
Have nude pictures? I'll give them a respectful display on My Favorite Nudes. Click to go to feedback form.
Photo from Met-Art
Have pictures to swap? Get a free membership with access to thousands of great nude photo galleries.

  The male gaze

"One of the very rare sites on the internet that does not denigrate women. It adores their beauty. Proud to be a member."
A great site! Excellent job on the graphics, it gives an old dog a new twist! I liked the way the links took me to where I asked, with no hidden agenda! Great selection of mature women too! Yum! I've got you saved in my bookmarks, so I can check it out again."
"I love the way you show other cultures' icons and art that celebrates sex and the female spirit."
"It will always be that beautiful, thick, hairy pussy; I still get an erection. I have been a nudist all my life, but I will always be a man also."
"There is nothing lovelier than the nude female body, whether because it arouses the male libido or simply as a work of art in all centuries."
"I really enjoy your incredible website. Your treatment of these women, who share their naked body for the world to admire, is wonderful. If I could make one suggestion that I believe would make your site even more awesome: Please consider including women of color. I love black women, brown women, Asian women; every color of the spectrum. Thanks again for a great site."
"I really like this site! Very tasteful, very artistic, clean and easy to use. Great work! I'll visit again very soon."
"Simply unbelievable. What a welcome resource. Just visited your favorite naked lady. Admire your confidence in sharing many pics with her lovely face not blurred. She's a jewel. You're a lucky couple. Thanks for sharing."
"Recognizing that a particular woman can be 'sex hungry' and still be a valuable person in the overall makeup of things is pulling woman down off the pedestal and elevating her to the status of an equal and a partner."
"One of the most well designed and laid out webpages I have come across ... The amount of content and the quality of it, also gives it top marks in my book. A must see site."
"Nice touch of class. A very enjoyable change of pace from the typical site."
"Periodically I do a search on sexual themes and follow through until I discover spiritual insights. That is how I've found your site before. This time, I've added it to my list of regular sites to visit since I finally recognized its worth. ... I have always found ethnicity to be stimulating in a mysterious sort of way."
"I like your site!"
"This web site is very well put together. Content is outstanding and looks professional. Excellent job!" "
"I enjoy the focus on beauty and the artistic qualities of naked women. There is no greater beauty or inspiration in the world."
"I think that the nudes you post online are the best i have seen. Enjoy the mature babes the most, I must say."
"Now this is the best site I have seen in a while. The layout is incredible. Very unique. Awesome job. One of my favorites."
"Very cool looking website. I like the artistic look of it all."
"Very impressed with the site. The design is spot on and the content is tasteful and great to look at. There are not loads of out of place or overpowering banners, which is great, and navigation is so easy. I could not see a search bar, which would help find specific pictures or tags."
"Very tastefully done, and excellent links, which don't come off as just a link farm. Excellent taste in female nudity, not just porn."
"I'm tired of seeing fake, unnatural women in poses and situations that are utterly unrealistic and ... false. The images I've come accross in the galleries on your website aren't like those photos at all. I find it quite refreshing that there are still nude shots out there that acknowledge and show respect to the natural image."
"Love the idea, love the layout, great content."
"I never knew nudes could be so classy!"
"Very nice site - the photos really bring out the natural beauty and sensuality of various types of women. I will visit your site again!"
"Professional looking site, easy to navigate, fast loading and great content. Highly recommended."
"Love the layout - everything is all broken out for the viewer. Great pics on the front page alone. I saw a couple sections at the bottom of the page that interested me, so I know I'll be back."
"Lots of naked women here. Some young, some not so young, but all very sexy. Nice layout. Good site."
"A well designed site with first-class content. Especially the painting used as a background is a nice touch."
"Very informative and well-created website. Appeared very professional and also quite tasteful. It lives up to its word. Nicely done."
"Lovingly put together ... and a sense of humour, too. A nice, personal-feeling site, a million miles away from the tripe most nude sites seem to be."
"Love this site. I just found it, and wow! Love the fantasy art. ... Great site, Nice work."
"Awesome site! Classy content!"
"Very nice site with a ton of quality content. Even the samples that were listed as 'low quality' were better than a lot of the sites out there."
"I loved your site. It was very classy and tasteful. Good job."
"This is indeed fine art."
"Great site full of the beauty of nude women. Well designed and very tastefully photographed. This is a must-see site for those who enjoy the female body and the beauty of a nude woman."
"This is a fantastic website, great design and really easy to navigate ... But more than that, the beautiful pictures. ... A lot of the time looking at a beautiful body is just what I need. ... Definitely gonna make you a fav and visit again and again."
"This is the best adult site I have come across on the net, and I mean that. A website that celebrates the female form! The pictures are tasteful and there are a variety of women and ages. A+."
"This site is cool. Hot babes, hot galleries."
"Superb looking adult website showing very tasteful nudes. Nice site layout with great examples."
"A great, tasteful site for a change. Not like some of those other sleazy sites. The feminine form is a joy to behold when done right."

Click to play clip from Robert Altman's 'Ready to Wear'
New ideas in nude fashion
   From Ready to Wear (1994) by Robert Altman. While not a critical or box-office success, this flick has an all-star cast and one of the most interesting nude scenes in recent cinema.
Go to play movie clip

Friends' erotic literature

Steve Nelson & "Tomorrow's World"
All women are bald, naked, and ready to sit on your penis in Steve Nelson's erotic sci-fi fantasy, 'Tomorrow's World' All women are bald, naked, and ready to sit on your penis in Steve Nelson's erotic science fiction fantasy.
Like Futurama, Looking Backward and Sleeper, Tomorrow's World is about a man who, by accident, oversleeps by a few hundred years. This future lies under a bubble, with naked, hairless, numbered males and females in routine sexual contact.
Go to illustrated text from Tomorrow's World
Go to order Tomorrow's World ebook.

'Diva' has written a number of erotic short stories, exploring sexuality from an African-American perspective. This one is called "The Surprise."
Go to "The Surprise" by "Diva."

Inar Merton This is the nom de plume of the author of "The Andy Johnson Chronicles," a series of erotic-fantasy novels. The first, entitled Andy Johnson, Consort Photo from to the Lady of the Land, is available in paperback online (see link below.) Along with the second volume, Andy Johnson, Master of Duality, it's also downloadable from the author's website. I've posted an excerpt from the new novel's chapter "The Mystical Vulva." It depicts the hero in an other-worldly experience of female divinity. Andy finds himself worshipping the sex organs of a literal sex goddess. I enjoyed this enough that I've illustrated it with some photos drawn from The Beachcomber's members-only archives.
Go to "The Mystical Vulva" from Master of Duality.


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Nude in nature photographed by her partner as a labor of love
Friends of the site
share recent images

    Friends of this site who create artwork, whether photographic, paint-on-canvas, pen-and-ink, etc., celebrating the female nude are promised a showcase for their creations if they choose to share. These pictures were submitted recently by a fan, who has been given a free membership in return for his contributions.
    An amateur photographer, he has been making nude photos of his model and life partner, "Janet," for more than a quarter century. They've been together 40 years now, and he and "Janet" are both proud of these pictures. Most of these -- click on a thumbnail to see the complete gallery -- were taken in the late spring of 2010 in a castle in Ireland.
    Go to photo gallery.

Janet nude in an Irish castle, photographed by her life-long partner and lover, spring 2010
Go to photo gallery

Janet nude in an Irish castle, photographed by her life-long partner and lover, spring 2010
Go to photo gallery

Janet nude in an Irish castle, photographed by her life-long partner and lover, spring 2010
Go to photo gallery

Erotic fantasy art with a spiritual theme

Artist renders mythical characters nude

    Gamboge Bluegum is the "pen name" of an artist who specializes in nudes, life drawing, science fiction & fantasy. These examples of his work include a reclining nude drawn from life, as well as a couple of fantasy characters. He comments, "I want to explore a more healthy approach to erotic art, and I wish to challenge the anti-sex attitude of the religious right. I have written material espousing a more healthy 'Messianic Sexuality.'"
    To see more nude artwork by "Bluegum" and a link to his "polyfidelity" or non-monogamous spiritual philosophy:
    Go to Bluegum Gamboge art page.      Go to "Liberated Christian" sexuality website.

'Beauty,' a drawing by Gamboge Bluegum
  'Centauress,' a drawing by Gamboge Bluegum
Hover cursor over images for a bigger view.

'Behan Sidhe,' a drawing by Gamboge Bluegum
Behan Sidhe

Guest commentary

Other voices & views

    What other enthusiasts have to say about the pleasures of nudity and the naked female form: That's what this space is for. The best ideas will even warrant new pages.
    Have thoughts, ideas, rants? Send them on and let me share them with the world. Or at least with the folks who visit this site. Use the form to the right or:
    Email to:

    Should your thoughts be here?
    Share your ideas about nudity, erotica, sexuality and related topics. I'll include full credits and links to your website, if appropriate, if you like.
    Use the form or send me an email.
    Go to a dialogue about pubic hair
    Go to "The Naked Truth" blog.

See links to right for resources about male masturbation.

See links to right for resources about female masturbation.
These images come from a Wikipedia article on masturbation. See the section to the right for links to this and other resources about the pleasures of auto-eroticism.

    On occasion I've been challenged by a woman to "Show me yours if you want to see mine." That's fair enough, and deserves an honest response. And, honestly, this is how I react to the sexiest females, both in person and on this site, starting with My Favorite Naked Woman.
    Go to the Beachcomber's salute to female beauty.
    Go to a look at current fashions in genital styling.


Real women's real bodies

Ordinary young American women posing nude

    This composite image is part of a large collection of photos showing the great variety of shapes and sizes of normal, healthy young women. These are from a series of books by the Japanese photographer Akira Gomi. Click on the photo to see a slide show of excerpts from this remarkable project.
Click to see a slideshow of 40 ordinary young women photographed naked from all sides.
to nude-women slide show, Part I.     Go to nude-women slide show, Part II.
    These are similar, but unrelated, to the notorious "posture photographs" that recorded the naked bodies of every incoming freshman at some of America's most elite colleges from the 1940s through the '60s. Based on odd health fads and some quack anthropology theories, the practice of taking nude photos was universal at most of the Ivy League and Seven Sisters schools. The colleges that archived images of their women students naked included Mount Holyoke, Vassar, Swarthmore, Smith and Wellesley.
    One of the Wellesley freshmen photographed nude was our new secretary of state, Hillary Clinton. Former President George H.W. Bush had his nude pictures made at Yale in the '40s.

'Fifty Nude Women' film documentary
    More recently, a New York filmmaker did a movie project that aimed to show a wide range of women as they really are -- naked. Margot Roth's documentary is called Fifty Nude Women: A Musical Montage. As reported in The New Yorker in February 2008, Roth wanted to create a movie that showed the reality of women's bodies, something "you could give to an adolescent son who was curious." Filmed using volunteer models in the spring of 2001, the film wasn't released until 2007. At its first showing, for Roth's models, one of them commented: "There’s more pubic hair than I expected." Another replied, "Yeah, pubic hair really started leaving the scene in 2003. This was pre-waxing everything." The director herself makes a nude appearance in what she calls "the jiggly butt sequence."
A scene from the filming of Margot Roth's documentary film 'Fifty Nude Women: A Musical Montage.'     Fifty Nude Women can be ordered on DVD directly from Roth's website. She recommends it for men who might need a little perspective, for young girls who need a positive body-image message, for teenage boys with their endless curiosity, and, finally, "For people who like naked ladies." As we do!
    The DVD's cover blurb sez: "Educational! Good for you! Fun! 100% Natural." Who can resist a pitch like that?
    To order a copy or learn more, Go to

Domestic nudity
Domestic chores are more pleasant when done naked, as Terri and Saskia show us. Click to go to for more sexy photos of beautiful nudes like these.    Household chores are more comfortable done naked.
Go to for more photos like these.
Go to slideshow of naked women doing housework.
Go to nudes at home.   Go to nudes outdoors.

Get naked and live naked:

Save energy, save the planet!

    Fight back against high energy costs. Hold down your electric bill by reducing your air-conditioning use: Take your clothes off and turn the thermostat up to 80 degrees, and you'll be more comfortable than you were with clothes on and the AC running somewhere in the 70s.
    Not only will you use less power, but you'll feel better about your body. Another bonus: if you don't wear clothes when you're at home, you have far less laundry to do. That saves still more energy from your water heater and dryer.
    If you're new to the nudist lifestyle, the only other adjustments you'll need to get used to are using a towel to sit on (vinyl or leather furniture can stick to your buns) and using drapes or mini-blinds to guarantee privacy from uptight neighbors. Of course, that's not needed if your neighbors also adopt the clothes-free lifestyle. And just think how much more fun your parties can be!

Terri and Saskia, appearing courtesy of, show that domestic activities in the nude can be comfortable and save energy.

Amandine and Tiziana, models from, also discover that working in the kitchen is far more pleasant without the burden of clothes.
Go to more nudes at work in the kitchen.  

A naked mature housewife doing household chores from
Click pic for more naked
mature housewives. Go

  A naked young amateur doing yard work at home from
Click pic for naked young
amateurs at home. Go


Straight talk about masturbation

Self-pleasure goes in hand with nude photography

    The sight of attractive nude bodies often leads to sexual stimulation, and that arousal is an essential component of masturbation. Few pastimes are more popular but yet have such a bad reputation. Since I'm championing the erotic value of the female nude, I have to be honest and also celebrate auto-eroticism.
    Both men and women in regular sexual relationships masturbate. Many find it an important part of their sex lives, whether performed alone or together. The sites listed here include many, many first-person accounts by men and women who get satisfaction both from their sex partners and from their masturbation fantasies.
    Here are some resources that address techniques and philosophies of auto-eroticism.

    Wikipedia includes a detailed illustrated article on masturbation. It addresses everything from the origins of the word (Latin for "to disturb with the hand") to how-to advice, and both line drawings and photographs. One interesting section deals with the bizarre attitudes of the 19th and early 20th centuries, when armies of doctors and do-gooders tried to suppress the natural human urge to play with our genitals.
Give it a yank to go to 'Truths about Masturbation' from
     Go to WikiPedia article on masturbation.

    "Ask Men" covers a lot of topics, but these articles are titled "Truths About Masturbation, Everything You Need To Know About Your Favorite Solo Time Activity," and "The Best Masturbation Techniques To Try." The first addresses both positive and negative attitudes toward the solitary sport, and asks that burning question, "Can you masturbate too much?" (My advice: If it's burning, give it a rest for a day or two. Or even seeking medical attention if you've been practicing unsafe sex.) The second piece is just what it sounds like: expert advice.
     Go to on masturbation.
     Go to on seven best techniques.

    "Rising Master" is a site that, in its own words, is about improving men's love lives. This article offers plenty of good advice on how to love yourself better. It talks about how to stimulate body parts other than just the penis, and gives plenty of tips about lubricants and toys such as cock rings and sleeves. The site has a forum that allows for questions to the author, who gives helpful, detailed replies.
     Go to on masturbation.

    "Women's Health" is a large site, full of information, including this article about how women can maximize their masturbation experience. Some of the advice is about atmosphere and mood, but much of it is very specific about such helpful accessories as lubricants, vibrators and other toys, and pornography. (Glad to help, ladies!) It addresses some favorite techniques, like how My Favorite Naked Woman achieved her first orgasm: running warm water over the clitoris, from bathtub spout or showerhead. The final tip sounds like an excellent idea: masturbate more often! It's hard to find any downside to treating yourself to more orgasms.
    Another article on the same site offers some statistics and commentary from sex therapists about the benefits women can derive from a close and loving relationship with their own pussies. While of course it's a good substitute if you don't have a current sex partner, this piece also explains why frequent masturbators have better and more creative sex when they are with someone else.
     Go on masturbation techniques.
     Go on why it's good for you.

    "Midwest Teen Sex Show" is the sort of direct, informative -- and funny -- material most of us wish we'd had available to us when we were confused, horny adolescents. These links are to a pair of videos that give good, common-sense advice to teens about the universal solitary sport. Among the pearls of wisdom: masturbation is a free and totally safe high. Say "No" to drugs, say "Yes" to masturbation!
     Go to female masturbation video
     Go to male masturbation video ("Beatin' It")

Amateur masturbation videos are authentic, arousing
Click to see more screen shots of's 'Intimate Moments' masturbation videos
Screen shot from 'Intimate Moments'

    Amateur women masturbating are featured in the members-only "Intimate Moments" section of the highly regarded Australian amateur nude site Click on picture to see more.
    As seen in this screen shot, these 15- to 20-minute films put one, two or three naked women in front of a video camera. Their assignment is to have fun and to have an orgasm. These real-life videos are unscripted and authentic, which in my view makes them far more arousing than most videos featuring professional porn actresses.

Don't underestimate experienced older women's sexual energy
Click to see more screen shots of All Over 30's 'Solo Hardcore' masturbation videos
Screen shot from 'Solo Hardcore'

    Masturbating mature women are the stars of the members-only "Mature Pleasure" and "Solo Hardcore" sections of the great erotic website
    This video-capture image shows one of All Over 30's sexy older models naked, spread-eagled and stroking her clitoris. It's part of the "Solo Hardcore" video category, in which these ladies of experience put fingers or sex toys to work. Click the pic to see more screen grabs from these videos. You need to go to the member area to see the whole thing.
    Also for members are "Mature Pleasure" and "Ladies with Toys," photo galleries of mature women getting naked and playing with themselves.

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