Elegant nude photography. This image is 'Nymphaeum' by the 19th-century French Academic painter William Bouguereau.
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Photo: Claire C from abbywinters.com
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Photo: Pool Girls from abbywinters.com





Beautiful naked women in erotic photoshoots
archived photo galleries of classy nudes

A sample from my nude
photo archives featuring

Sandy Summers 
From  Met-Art

Click for this gallery of 17 nude photos featuring Sandy Summers from Met-Art.
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featuring Sandy Summers

Random nude: The photo above was pulled at random from the thousands of nude photo galleries in my archive. Scroll down to see four more samples! For a more systematic exploration of this naked paradise, try out some of the links on this page. Whatever your tastes, you'll find more lovely nudes than you can shake a stick at.
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arousing nude photography on the net

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As of Wednesday, April 26, 2017, my archives contain 22,819 photo galleries, featuring 5,905 naked models.

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Body decoration
Many of my sexy models ornament their lovely naked bodies with jewelry and other decorations. Like gold? Red stockings? Want her to leave her hat on? Browse through all the variations on how a nude enhances her form. The style or styles listed here are from the gallery featuring Sandy Summers shown at left.
* tattoos: Go
* piercing: Go

The Theme
The best nude photoshoots have an idea or theme. It may be anything from detailed story-telling to a simple celebration of the female form. Explore such concepts as naked women at work; nude housewives; wilderness women; and many more. The themes listed here are from the gallery featuring Sandy Summers shown at left.
* bathing: Go
* wet: Go

Hair color

Are you a gentleman who
prefers blondes? Have a
thing for redheads? Click
here to find models with
whatever hair color
matches your tastes.

Find galleries by the photographer's name. The gallery at left featuring Sandy Summers was shot by Jason Self.
Go to more galleries created by Jason Self.

The Setting
Like your nudes in bed? Or naked housewives in the kitchen? How about a hot sunbathing scene? Maybe a wild woman running nude in the woods or playing on a beach? Search by the type of location where each gallery was photographed. The setting listed here is from the gallery featuring Sandy Summers shown at left.
* bathroom: Go

Props used
The nude photoshoots in my archives were done with an infinity of props, ranging from furniture and machinery to kitchen gadgets and bedroom toys. Find women posing in, on or with every imaginable item. The props listed here are from the gallery featuring Sandy Summers shown at left.
* bathtub: Go
* soapsuds: Go

Pubic hair style

Do you like a furry crotch?
Or prefer to see women
with smooth genitalia?
Or something in between?
Click here to find your
favorite genital hairstyles.

Custom search
Set your own search criteria. Narrow your search to just galleries from a particular photoshoot, or your favorite combination of hair color, pubic-hair style and photographer. Go to custom search page.

5,905 naked women
in 22,819 photo galleries

Making it easy to find any model or gallery
    Endless beauty: A searchable database of my huge archive of free nude photo galleries.


From  Met-Art

Click for this gallery of 18 nude photos featuring Kaleesy from Met-Art.
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Go to see all her galleries


Margo G 
From  Met-Art

Click for this gallery of 18 nude photos featuring Margo G from Met-Art.
to the full photo gallery
Go to see all her galleries


Sherry Lee 
From  All Over 30

Click for this gallery of 21 nude photos featuring Sherry Lee from All Over 30.
to the full photo gallery
Go to see all her galleries


Bridgit A 
From  Met-Art

Click for this gallery of 17 nude photos featuring Bridgit A from Met-Art.
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Go to see all her galleries

These galleries are selected at random from my huge, searchable database of the best sexy nude photos.

    This site is a showcase for the many thousands of nude photo galleries that I've accumulated over the years. I'm happy to say that my searchable database now contains more than 20,000 photosets and more are being added every day, featuring more than 5900 beautiful models.
    Here's the deal: I post fresh nude-photo galleries as I get them and stockpile thousands of nude photo galleries that come from my sponsoring pay-sites, and made them available, free, through a single index page. Many, many years of great material remains available in my archives.
Want to browse through thousands of galleries of beautiful naked women? Click the BUTTon to go to the model search page.
Click on the BUTTon to go to model search page.
Search by:
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Hairstyle: Go
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Customized: Go
Random: Go
    I've created a system that lets my viewers search my archives to find a particular model, or work of a particular photographer, or to focus on a particular interest. Say you're fascinated by red-haired women, with unshaved pubic hair, wearing white stockings, posing next to an outdoor swimming pool. You can now find that exact combination, and see any galleries I have that match those criteria.
    Prefer blondes? Brunettes? Shaved pussy, or hairy? Have a thing for fishnets, or gold jewelry? Like glamorous interiors, or wild natural locations? Whatever your taste in nudes, there should be something to appeal to you in the hundreds of possible ways to search.
    This wealth of lovely naked women is cross-referenced by the model's name, by the photographer and the originating site; by hair color and genital grooming styles; and by the setting, props used and even the "theme," if I could identify one, of the photo shoot.
    There is still a limit to how many galleries a user can view at a time. The weekly quota lets anybody enjoy a generous helping of "teaser" material, but encourages true fans to get unlimited supplies of large-format pictures, in galleries with up to 100 or more images each, plus videos, webcams and other great features, from the pay-sites that sponsor "My Favorite Nudes." Every week, the counter goes back to zero and you can resume your browsing. So a regular visitor to My Favorite Nudes can go as deep, and as wide, into my archives as you like.
    As of today, Wednesday, April 26, 2017, you can choose from among a whopping 22,819 photo galleries, featuring 5,905 gloriously, sensuously, totally naked models.
    The main "Galleries" index is a great place to start browsing. It's arranged according to the sponsoring pay-sites that supplied the photos. Most sections serve up the very newest of the luscious nude photosets I get from my affiliates. The rest offer a constantly rotating selection of galleries from among the many thousands in my archives. Looking for a particular model, or pictures by a particular photographer? Use the various search options to find just what turns you on most. Among the "greatest hits" are favorite nudes from these world-class sites, which you'll find by clicking on the "Galleries" button up top: FEMJOY, Hegre Art, MPL Studios and Met-Art. Don't forget about those delicious gems DOMAI and its sister site Goddess Nudes, or the wonderful niche sites abbywinters.com, All Over 30 or Bare Maidens.

Updated May 31, 2016

Browse nude galleries at random
Go to another dozen sexy photosets selected at random, like those above.

See the very newest galleries
Go to the latest photosets, in the order I post them..
    Whatever your tastes, I guarantee you'll find something esthetically pleasing, sexually arousing, or both.

Tell me what you think. Go to feedback form.           If you like this random samples, check out the very latest nude galleries: Go to Gallery updates

Nude amateurs from abbywinters.com
All Over 30
Mature nudes from All Over 30
Bare Maidens
Fantasy nudes from Bare Maidens
Tasteful nude photos from DOMAI
Erotic Beauty
Sexy nudes from Erotic Beauty
Pure nudes from FEMJOY
Hegre Art
Artistic nudes from Hegre Art
Beautiful nudes from Met-Art
MPL Studios
Russian nudes from MPL Studios


Tell me what you think, make suggestions, submit material of your own! Go to feedback form.

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