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My Favorite Nudes

Websites for all who love naked women
The world's first motion pictures were mostly nudes, made from ground-breaking photographs by the English-American researcher Eadweard Muybridge in 1884. Click for a large gallery of animations. The world's first motion pictures were mostly nudes, made from ground-breaking photographs by English-American researcher Eadweard Muybridge in 1884.
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nude videos available from our favorite websites.
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Website reviews
By The Bare-Assed Beachcomber.
    Your host has been around awhile and he knows what he likes. If you share his tastes, for skillfully produced videos of attractive, happy naked women, then you may appreciate his recommendations.
    Before you go searching all over the web, check out the Beachcomber's description of the content and features of his recommended websites. He'll also offer some purely opinionated commentary and critiques. These opinions are distilled from a lifetime of devotion to naked women, both in person and on screen.
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Movies of naked women:
classy nude videos

Play videos:     FEMJOY | Met-Art | Hegre Art | Naked News | YouTube      Live nude webcams:     MetCams     Masturbation videos:     All Over 30
Maximum Nude Sports | Lesbian Army | Lesbian Sport Videos | Nude Sport Videos | Special Exercises | Special Examination


Naked News: Real news, really naked!

   A genuine daily TV news broadcast, delivered entirely by attractive, intelligent naked women. Really. What's not to love about this delicious concept?
   Videos: live streaming broadcasts, with segments including world news, sports, business, entertainment, fashion, lifestyles and commentaries. Downloadable files in several video formats, including an archive of the previous 150 daily programs.
   Updates: daily news broadcasts, six days a week, with previous days' clips archived for member use up to 150 days after broadcast.

   Go to home page    Go Play Naked News clips

Review of Naked News

   If you like to be well informed, and also enjoy ogling attractive naked women, this unique website lets you fulfill both needs at the same time. In its decade on the air, Naked News has earned a reputation for delivering a serious news report, but not without a nice sense of humor when dealing with less-serious topics like sports, show biz and pop culture.
   The anchor women range in age from their 20s into their 40s. In a typical segment, they will first appear in typical businesslike "anchor woman" outfit, or sometimes just in lingerie. But they always quickly strip off the textiles to appear entirely nude.
   Based in Toronto, Naked News attracts mostly Canadian talent. A nice section available to members consists of audition reels, in which wanna-be naked anchors try out in front of the camera.

   Want to know more?
   Go to extended review.    Go to free tour.

   Bottom line: A great concept, consistently well executed. Highly recommended.

The Beachcomber

Eila Adams 
From  Naked News

Click for this gallery of 9 nude photos featuring Eila Adams from Naked News.Go to the full photo gallery

See more for yourself
Go Play sample Naked News clips
Go to www.NakedNews.com

Like this? Check
out the full show!
   Those smart, beautiful anchors at Naked News report on the whole range of news, six days a week, from world affairs and sports down to fun features, commentary, and entertainment. The samples seen here include Naked News' look at Hollywood's sexy side, featuring recent examples of nudity on screen, both movies and cable series. This material is compiled by Naked News' affiliated site, MrSkin.com, which focuses on "the good parts" in movies of all kinds. Other samples show the range of all-naked features and commentary the site serves up every day.
   Besides the content, you'll see how each of Naked News' attractive, intelligent anchors slowly strips down to complete nudity while delivering her report. Wait for that delicious moment when she slips her panties down, revealing immaculately groomed labia. Who knew you could gaze at lovely shaved pussy while catching up with current events?
   Don't miss the close, when she'll sashay off camera, giving you a long, loving look at her pretty naked ass.

Naked News video samples: nude sports, commentary, 'Hollywood X-posed' on entertainment in the nude

Want to see dozens of other Naked News video samples? Go to Naked News video archives.


Athletic nudes in motion from Maximum Nude Sports

Nude Sport Videos ~    Lesbian Sport Videos ~    Lesbian Army ~    Special Exercises ~    Special Examination
   Subscribe to any or all of these nude-sport sites. Maximum Nude Sports gives you access to all these sites with a single subscription. Or you can just pick the one(s) you like best. I like them all, though I have to admit some of the niches are pretty specialized.
Kelly N 
By Nude Sport Videos

Click for this gallery of 20 nude photos featuring Kelly N from Nude Sport Videos.Go to the full photo gallery

By Special Examination

Click for this gallery of 20 nude photos featuring anonymousnbsp;& anonymous from Special Examination.Go to the full photo gallery

By Nude Sport Videos

Click for this gallery of 20 nude photos featuring anonymous from Nude Sport Videos.Go to the full photo gallery

   This wonderfully quirky family of websites offers lovely, all-nude athletic performances by toned, fit young women. Under the "Maximum Nude Sports" name, you can get access to five of these delicious sites for a single subscription. They range from mainstream to pretty kinky, and I have to admit I get a kick out of all of them. You'll discover this site has a Slavic tone, not to surprisingly considering the volume and quality of pornography coming from east of the former Iron Curtain. These are the choices:
   Nude Sport Videos I discovered this site after a visit to a swinger's club with My Favorite Naked Woman, at which she got interested in pole dancing. A delightful video of an all-nude pole-dance performance turned me on to the rest of Nude Sport Videos. These women do a wide range of athletic workouts, from gymnastics to pumping iron, indoors and out. All the models are smooth-shaved, so those who enjoy seeing a healthy, sweaty pussy close up won't be disappointed. In addition to the videos, the site has a nice assortment of still-photo galleries, too.
   Go to NudeSportVideos.com
   Lesbian Sport Videos A kinkier sister site, this features the relationship between young women and their female personal trainers, whose instructions begin with "Get naked" and continue with "Spread your legs" and, more often than not, "Let me lick your pussy" or "Fuck me with a dildo." Have a voyeuristic urge to watch athletic women work out and then have sex? This site won't disappoint you. It includes both video and still photography. When you click on the image here to play a sample movie, you'll hear the trainers speaking Russian or Ukrainian. Can't speak the language? Who cares? Some things require no translation.
   Go to LesbianSportVideos.com
   Lesbian Army Now we're getting really kinky. Imagine a very, very small "boot camp" for just one, two or three female recruits, overseen by a really tough, but really not, female drill sergeant. "Lesbian Army" features naked women crawling in the dirt, digging foxholes, doing calisthenics, and eventually getting fucked with strap-on dildos. Sometimes it's the drill instructors. Sometimes the sex is with fellow recruits. If you've ever had a hankering to see women out in the boondocks, stripped naked, subjected to military discipline and lesbian sex, you'll want to check out this site.
   Go to LesbianArmy.com
   Special Exercises If the personal-trainer theme appeals to you, but you like the sense of compulsion that comes with the military setting, how about a site devoted to strict obedience and discipline between coach and athlete? This is "Special Exercises" and may appeal to folks with that power-exchange kink.
   Go to SpecialExercises.com
   Special Examination If that wasn't enough for you, how about a weird Russian-flavored medical-examination site? Long movies and lots of still photos feature both male and female doctors conducting embarrassing and often intrusive gynecological exams. These naughty medical stypes can't keep their hands to themselves and have their patients, all young and fully shaved, assume highly revealing and sexually provocative poses. I can't say this detail does a thing for me, but if you like peering through a speculum into a pretty young woman's vagina, this site is for you.
   Go to SpecialExamination.com
   Want five nude workout video sites for one rate? Sweaty naked women, solo, in pairs, in groups, straight and kinky. That's what Maximum Nude Sports offers.
   Go to MaximumNudeSports.com


Sample movie from Nude Sport Videos

This video is a sample of what Nude Sport Videos has to offer. Subscribers get access to hundreds of large, high-definition movies, often 30 minutes long, and always naked.
Go to NudeSportVideos.com for more stimulating videos and photos.

Sample movie from Lesbian Sport Videos

Clicking to play this video will show you a small sample of the naked workouts and female-on-female sex that you'll find at Lesbian Sport Videos. Lots of movies, lots of photos, lots of nudity.
Go to LesbianSportVideos.com for more sexy videos and photos.

Sample movie clip from Lesbian Army

Here's a fascinating niche site where you'll see female recruits get their naked basic training, and eventually lesbian sex. They get dirty, they get sweaty. Click to play a sample movie.
Go to LesbianArmy.com for more sexy naked basic training videos.

Sample movie from Special Exercises

And here we go back to the personal-training theme, but with a strict obedience-and-discipline flavor for those who like power exchange games. These trainees are always naked.
Go to SpecialExercises.com for more kinky workout videos and pictures.


Video previews from


FEMJOY: Pure Nudes


Links and updates

FEMJOY Video of the Week: Click to play sample

FEMJOY Video jukebox: flip through the most popular titles

  Watch gorgeous naked women
  in motion for your pleasure

from FEMJOY.com
Want to see more videos?
Go to FEMJOY's incredible archive of dozens of
videos featuring beautiful naked women
Go to FEMJOY home page
Go to FEMJOY updates
Go to free photo galleries
Go to review of FEMJOY website

Click for this sample nude video featuring Kari from FEMJOY.
1.  Kari in 'Cool Splash'
Click for this sample nude video featuring Jana Q from FEMJOY.
2.  Jana Q in 'Self Stimulation'
Click for this sample nude video featuring Carolina from FEMJOY.
3.  Carolina in 'I Want You'
Click for this sample nude video featuring Sabrisse from FEMJOY.
4.  Sabrisse in 'Follow My Footsteps'
Click for this sample nude video featuring Sapphira from FEMJOY.
5.  Sapphira in 'Naked in the Woods'
Click for this sample nude video featuring Tracy A from FEMJOY.
6.  Tracy A in 'Naked Freedom'
Click for this sample nude video featuring Sapphira from FEMJOY.
7.  Sapphira in 'Splish Splash'
Click for this sample nude video featuring Kiara L from FEMJOY.
8.  Kiara L in 'Caribbean Flair'
Click for this sample nude video featuring Sabrisse from FEMJOY.
9.  Sabrisse in 'Warm Breeze'
Want to see hundreds more FEMJOY video samples? Go to FEMJOY video archives.

Video previews from Met-Art: Beautiful Nudes

Links and updates

  See gorgeous
  naked women
  in motion for
  your pleasure


Want to see more videos?
Go to Met-Art's large archive of hi-def videos featuring
some of the world's sexiest, most beautiful nudes
Go to Met-Art home page
Go to free photo galleries
Go to review of Met-Art website

  Met-Art Flash movie trailer page

    For some additional looks at Met-Art's extensive library of elegant erotic movies, you may want to check out this page, where a Flash preview plays, as well as find links to full-size promo versions of recent videos. These promo links give you a choice of formats, including DIVX, Windows Media, MPEG and QuickTime, as well as an IPod version for portable viewing.
    In addition to Met-Art's own productions, members get access to the "Holy Nature" series of nudist/naturist videos, which have become a cult hit across the internet. If you enjoy seeing lovely young women in recreational activities, totally nude, in beautiful natural settings, this series is for you.

Go to play Met-Art movie trailers

Live video chat from MetCams     Talk with naked models in private shows


Don't underestimate older women's sexual energy


Links and updates

  Click to see more screen shots of All Over 30's 'Solo Hardcore' masturbation videos

  Click to see more screen shots of All Over 30's 'Solo Hardcore' masturbation videos

Want to see more videos?
Go to All Over 30's large archives of
of masturbation and sex videos.
Go to All Over 30 home page
Go to free photo galleries
Go to review of All Over 30 website
Go to slideshow of All Over 30's
super-hot masturbation videos

Go to All Over 30's free tour
  'Solo Hardcore' videos feature experienced mature women masturbating
    Masturbating mature women are the stars of the members-only "Mature Pleasure" and "Solo Hardcore" sections of the great erotic website AllOver30.com.
    These video-capture images show two of All Over 30's sexy older models. Each one is naked, spread-eagled and stroking her swollen clitoris. These examples show the exciting age range of this site's hundreds of attractive women. Ginger is in her early 30s. Hazel is 52, but every bit as hot as a woman half her age.
    Both of these videos come from the "Solo Hardcore" video category, in which these ladies of experience put fingers or sex toys to work. Click on either pic to see more screen grabs from these videos. You need to go to the member area to see the whole thing, but there's a link to the right to All Over 30's free tour. Their samples may whet your appetite!
    Masturbation in still photos: In the site's member's area you'll find "Mature Pleasure" and "Ladies with Toys," photo galleries of mature women getting naked and playing with themselves.
    Other hot videos: Most of All Over 30's models are interviewed on video, telling about themselves, their experiences as nude models, and their sexual interests. During the interview they get naked and pose, showing off their bodies for the camera. Finally, those who enjoy hard-core videos will find plenty in which sexually experienced women have sex with both men and other women.


Video clips & DVD from Hegre Art: #1 Nudes


Links and updates

  Click to go to free video clip of this beautiful naked woman

Fabi 'In Bed'
Clip 1      Clip 2      Clip 3
Marketa in 'Pumping Iron'
Clip 1      Clip 2      Clip 3
Marketa in 'In the Garden'
Clip 1      Clip 2      Clip 3
Mirta in 'Baby Oil'
Clip 1      Clip 2      Clip 3

Want to see more videos?
Go to Hegre Art's huge archive of videos
featuring gorgeous nude models
Go to Hegre Art home page
Go to free photo galleries
Go to review of Hegre Art website
Save time: sample 300-plus nude films in 90 seconds
Mad movie medley
    It may be hard to get a sense of the huge variety of erotic, nude videos Hegre Art has to offer. To correct that problem, Hegre and his friends have put together this amazing medley of the more than 300 films in his archives. This special compilation includes a glimpse at every single one of them! Watch 300 sexy films in 90 seconds. Of course, if you're rather be stimulated for hours than merely titillated for a few seconds, check out the source.
    Here's a quick link to find our more about Hegre's videos, both for download and on disc.
     Go to Hegre-art.com video archive.

    Of course, if you're still not sure, click on any of the icons below for a longer sample of one of several recent featured movies.


View samples of selected Hegre-art videos Go to more sexy free video clips from Hegre Art
Olena O in 'Touching'
Thea in 'Nude Beach'
Anna S in 'Hotel Terramar'
Gabriella in 'Marble Shower'
Simona in 'Private Show'
Nika in 'Private Moments'
Yanna in 'Hot Bath'
Patricia in 'Photo Epilation'
Ira in 'Oily'
Patricia & Thea in 'Sleepover'
Yanna in 'Burning Oil'
Muriel in 'Sensual Touch'
Nika in 'Black Lingerie'
Muriel in 'Nude Beach'
Lysa in 'Dragon Shower'
Muriel in 'Elliptical Cross Trainer'
Krista, Lysa & Ruslana in 'Beach Babes'
Ira in 'Bed of Roses'
Go to Hegre-art.com video archive.

A sampler of nude videos from all over
I've compiled a page full of sexy, entertaining and just plain weird videos I found on YouTube. These all have two things in common: they feature lovely women, totally naked, and each in its own way celebrates the freedom of nudity and the value of the human body. Here are just a couple of them; for the rest, GO to the best of YouTube nudes.

Naked conductor leads all-nude, all-female orchestra

I don't know much about this, other than that it's called the Japanese Stark Naked Orchestra. After the conductor's slow strip-tease, the naked musicians perform the "Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairies" from Tchaikowski's "Nutcracker." Wacky and wonderful!

Positive body image, with Kindi Stone

Dr. Kindi Stone is a college administrator whose job is about promoting healthy, respectful sexuality. She is also a devoted nudist. This video talks about nudism and the importance of feeling good about your body. Kindi is charming, eloquent and lovely.

Nude amateurs from abbywinters.com
All Over 30
Mature nudes from All Over 30
Bare Maidens
Fantasy nudes from Bare Maidens
Tasteful nude photos from DOMAI
Erotic Beauty
Sexy nudes from Erotic Beauty
Pure nudes from FEMJOY
Hegre Art
Artistic nudes from Hegre Art
Beautiful nudes from Met-Art
MPL Studios
Russian nudes from MPL Studios


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Mr. Skin presents a A 'Top 5' video.
Top 5 Nude Comedians

Go to Naked News for a complete report of all of today's news, delivered by beautiful female anchors, totally nude.
Go to Mr. Skin for the very best nude scenes and sex scenes in both brand-new and classic movies and TV series.
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